BAeA   Publications for 2014

BAeA Rules 2014
This comprehensive set of rules covers every aspect of the operation of our aerobatic competitions. All pilots and contest officials who intend to compete in or work at a BAeA event should download and read these rules, and be familiar with all aspects that may affect them prior to and during the event itself.
BAeA Operations Manual v1
A complete "How To" manual describing the way that we expect all contest jobs to be managed, together with the Association's procedural and policy guidelines relating to both the contest arena and BAeA general management. This document is essential reading if you are engaged in any aspect of running BAeA events or involved in general management on behalf of the Association.
BAeA Contest Directors Guidance Notes
A short introduction to the duties and responsibilities of the BAeA Contest Director.
BAeA Chief Judges Guidance Notes
All Chief Judges working at BAeA national events should keep a copy of this informative guide to their responsibilities. Being a CJ can be a particularly rewarding experience - all senior judges please note!
BAeA Aerobatic Judging Seminar Agenda
An outline of the subjects to be covered during the Aerobatic Judging Seminar at White Waltham airfield on Saturday 15th March 2014.
BAeA Aerobatic Judging Seminar Notes
These are the course-notes for the 2014 Aerobatic Judging Seminar. They provide comprehensive guidance for judging at our major national and CIVA international standards, and contain a good deal of sound advice for aerobatic judging at all levels and events.
BAeA Aerobatic Judging Seminar Tutorial
Here is a complete copy as a PDF document of all the important pages in this web that comprise the BAeA Aerobatic Judging Seminar Notes for 2014. This represents the distilled 'How to Judge and what to look for' view of the Association's judging guru's, and will prepare you well either for your initiation on the judging line or as a refresher course in what you're supposed to be doing there this year. The file is in PDF format. Download, print, go to White Waltham on Saturday 15th March 2014.

 V i e w i n g   and   P r i n t i n g   PDF's

of these publications are provided here in PDF format, and to view them you will require a PDF reader in your PC. You can download and install either of the free Foxit or Adobe readers via the links on the right here - they 'unscramble' PDF files so that you can read them in your browser or in your computer once you have downloaded them. All you need do is double-click the PDF file (either the icon on your desktop, if that's where you've put it, or by hunting for it with Windows Explorer) and Foxit or Acrobat will do the rest.
This basic chore is not quite as simple as it appears.... both the Contest Booklet and the Rules are portrait documents that naturally print at A4, whereas you'll probably want the output as pairs of A5 pages on A4 landscape. Regrettably few printers can manage this simple task.... One very capable independent solution is "FinePrint", a sort of universal printer driver that acts like an intermediary between your computer and your printer output channels. Print to FinePrint (instead of your printer) and up pops up a preview window from which you decide how and where to print it (or of course to not print it at all - if something's not right you can abort the output and try again....), and provides various format translations to output from 2-up to 8-up on A4, with the duplex (both sides!) booklet printing that you want here. There are lots of 'delete this page', 're-order', 'copy to clip-board', 'save as ASCII' options you'll be hard put to find anywhere else, the thing typically saves 50% of your paper usage, and is one of those utilities that once you've got it you'll wonder how you managed before..... The 'free' download version has some minor limitations, registering and forking out the moderate fee clears them. As you can see, I'm a true convert.....!



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