BAeA Champions and Trophy holders in 2004

 Trophy name  Trophy holder   Won at  Level
The Dan Smith Memorial Trophy Stewart Otterburn Dunstable 28 March Sports
The Icicle Trophy Kester Scrope Sandtoft - 3 April Open
The John McLean Trophy Alan Wood Breighton - 24 April Standard
The Kernow Trophy Not awarded.... Bodmin - 9-10 July Intermediate
The Nathaniel Alony Trophy Mark Jefferies Elvington - May 7-9 Unlimited
The Golding Barrett Trophy Adam Lewis Sleap - 4-5 June Standard
The Don Henry Trophy Gary Ferriman Compton Abbas - 17 July Advanced
The Celtic Shield Gerry Humphries Waterford - 26 June Advanced
The Roy Legg Trophy Eddie Goggins Waterford - 26 June Intermediate
The Elwyn McAully Trophy Richard Buchan Fenland - 30-31 July Standard
The Nigel Newbold Trophy Rob Howarth Sandtoft - 3 April Intermediate
The Fenland Trophy Ian Trask Fenland - 30-31 July Intermediate
The Neil Williams / Daily Telegraph Trophy for the British National Unlimited level Champion Tom Cassells Sywell - 2-5 September Unlimited
The David Perrin Trophy Mark Jefferies Sywell - 2-5 September Unlimited
The BAeA Plate for the British National Advanced level Champion Mark Walden Sywell - 2-5 September Advanced
The Tiger Trophy Tom Cassells Sherburn - 17-18 September Open
The Air Squadron Trophy Not awarded.... Compton Abbas - 17 July Apprentices
The Flyer Trophy for the British National Standard level Champion Brian McCartny Peterborough-Conington
20-21 August
The BAeA Plate for the British National Intermediate level Champion Clive Butler Peterborough-Conington
20-21 August
The British National Unlimited Glider Aerobatics Champion Plate Paul Conran Saltby - 3-6 June Unlimited
The Saltby Open Trophy Jamie Allen Saltby 11-12 September Open

Seasonal Points Trophies - awarded for points won during the 2003 season

Trophy name Trophy holder Awarded for points gained . . . . 
The Tiger Club Trophy Richard Buchan At Standard contests 
The Swinstead Trophy Clive Butler At Intermediate contests
The Manx Kelly Trophy Gary Ferriman At Advanced contests
The Marcus Norman Trophy Richard Buchan In Standard Unknown sequences
The Cessna Trophy Not awarded - yet again! At contests whilst flying Cessna aircraft
The Shaggy Cow Trophy Ian Trask At contests whilst flying Yakovlev aircraft
The Pitts Special Trophy Gary Ferriman At contests whilst flying Pitts aircraft
The Golden Frog Trophy Tom Cassells At contests whilst flying French aircraft
The Extra Trophy Mark Jefferies At contests whilst flying Extra aircraft
The Glider Trophy Paul Conran At all glider contests
The Slingsby Trophy Alex Smith At contests whilst flying Slingsby aircraft



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