The Saltby Open, 2011 results

This year eight pilots took part in this contest including two from abroad. Sasha Marvin (Italy) and Jyrki Viitasaari (Finland) both flew at Advanced level. On the judging line Mike Newman (CD) was joined by Pat Greer and Lis Arneberg, who visited us from Denmark.

Although as generous as ever, Buckminster GC were unable to supply us with an ASK21 for this competition and, despite valiant efforts by the club to procure one from elsewhere we eventually made do with the club’s Puchacz. This meant that two pilots who had intended to fly at Intermediate level were unable to do so. Nothing was lost by this, however, as Charles Baker gallantly offered his services to the judging line and David Gethin stepped down from Intermediate and flew at Sports level thus foregoing his chance of taking the trophy home with him.

The weather was not kind to us with a poor forecast for the whole weekend and we were forced to make the most of a short window of opportunity which lasted for a few hours on Friday. Thanks to a slick operation at the launch point masterminded by the BGC’s Stuart Black, and two excellent tuggies, the requisite two programs were flown, the first one was truncated and the second one split on account of the low cloud base.

Michael Corcoran again gets to carve his name with pride on the Saltby Open Trophy as he ended up the legitimate winner flying his new Pilatus B4. Among the other contenders was a noteworthy performance by Peter Sharphouse flying in his first contest.

As the competition was completed by tea time on Friday it was decided to bring Saturday’s dinner forward to midday and with no prospect of flying during the rest of the weekend the company dispersed during the afternoon.

Paul Conran
Contest Director

Saltby Open Trophy Finals

Rank Level Pilot Aeroplane Registration Unk'n #1 Unk'n #2 Totals O/all %
1 SPO David Gethin Puchacz SZD50-3 G-CU 535.33 924.33 1459.67 64.874
2 SPO Michael Corcoran Pilatus B4 G-CHDA 558.17 855.50 1413.67 62.830
3 ADG Sasha Marvin Swift S-1 G-LUPY 552.00 1168.00 1720.00 62.319
4 SPO Peter Sharphouse Puchacz SZD50-3 G-CU 549.33 839.33 1388.67 61.719
5 SPO John Tayler Puchacz SZD50-3 G-CU 436.17 818.67 1254.83 55.770
6 SPO John Donovan Puchacz SZD50-3 G-CU 430.67 806.67 1237.33 54.993
7 ADG Jyrki Viitasaari Pilatus B4 G-CHDA 568.17 796.83 1365.00 49.457
8 UNG David Gibbs MDM-1 Fox G-CFOX 566.67 494.83 1061.50 32.762

Contest Director: Paul Conran, Contest Chief Judge: Mike Newman, Scoring Director: Sarah Turner

Judges: Mike Newman, Pat Greer, Lis Arneberg,

Judges Assistants: Sally Cooper, Charles Baker, Brian Griffin

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