BAeA Pilot Proficiency System

Pilots competing at BAeA competitions in Standard power / Sports glider classes and above must have their BAeA Proficiency Card (PPC) endorsed for that class to show that they have been assessed by a BAeA Flight Evaluator (FE) and have demonstrated the skill and competence necessary to meet the standard required. FE's are all current BAeA members who are authorised to endorse PPC's as shown in the table below.

The Flight Evaluation Procedure

The endorsement procedure operates through the use of a Flight Evaluation Form that specifies the areas to be assessed prior to and during the endorsement flight. This form must be filled-in initially by the pilot and, following the evaluation, completed by the FE. The pilot must then forward the form to the BAeA membership office in order to be eligible to compete at that level, and it will be kept on file there for reference.

Aresti sequence flights, Masters and Apprentices

Pilot Proficiency Cards with endorsements that date from assessments prior to the introduction of the Flight Evaluation Form will remain valid until or unless a further endorsement becomes necessary, and in the meantime do not require a Flight Evaluation Form to be submitted to support them. Pilots seeking a new endorsement at a different class to previous entries however must adopt the new FE procedures.

CIVA Freestyle flights

A separate endorsement is now required for CIVA Freestyle competition flights

Pilots with an existing Unlimited class Proficiency Card endorsement who have flown a freestyle sequence at a BAeA or FAI contest in the last two years must discuss their plans for flying the programme with either an Unlimited class FE or a Display Authorisation Examiner. The discussion must review the content of the Evaluation Form guidance notes together with the pilots planned sequence, and the BAeA FE / DAE will sign the endorsement provided he/she is satisfied that the pilot meets the specified standards.

All other pilots must follow the full Flight Evaluation process to gain a Freestyle PPC endorsement.

Lapsed endorsements

Note also that if a pilot does not compete during a period of at least two years (24 calendar months) then his/her endorsement is considered to have lapsed, and before competing again in a previously endorsed class a new endorsement must be obtained from a BAeA Flight Evaluator as above.

BAeA Flight Evaluators

The following are authorised as BAeA Flight Evaluators in the disciplines and at the levels shown for those seeking to obtain an endorsement on their Pilot Proficiency Card:

Powered Evaluators

Name Telephone Location
Advanced, Unlimited & below
Alan Cassidy 07808 059881 Berkshire
Nick Wakefield 07818 423579 Worcestershire
Gerald Cooper 07710 442816  Lincolnshire
Richard Pickin 07540 192551 Kent
Nick Buckenham 07773 768386 Cambridgeshire
Tom Cassells 07889 434509 Yorkshire
Intermediate & below
Adrian Willis 07712 864413 South East
Charlie Kimbell 07801 661114 South East
Ian Scott 01733 239136 South East
Julian Murfitt 07712 657383 South East
Phil Burgess 07876 526950 South East
Phil Massetti 07977 586205 South East
Rob Howarth 07739 555203 South East
Simon Abbott 07767 776074 South East
Ben Ellis 07974 150466 South West
Brian McCartney 07885 363187 South West
Paul Tomlinson 07710 797710 South West
Bob Pooler 07768 333030 West Midlands
Farrell McGee 07747 773807 Midlands
Cas Smith 01977 682674 North
Ron Allan 01625 428243 North
Eddie Goggins +353 (0)872 958 422 Eire
David Kean 07881 620057 South East
John Taylor 01883 723091 South East
Sportsman & Club
Stephen Evans 07884 236873 South East


Glider Evaluators

Name Telephone Location
Unlimited, Advanced and below
Chris Cain 0115 956 1126 Buckminster
Paul Conran Buckminster & Eire
Maz Makari 07771 996732 Bicester
Andy Cunningham 0208 947 3876 Dunstable
DJ Gibbs 07814 003712 Buckminster
Graham Saw 07768 434793 Booker
Intermediate and below
Alex Harris 07947 382154 Essex
Charles Baker 01962 712432 Lasham
David Gethin 07855 495766 Bowland Forest
George Rizk 07786 000400 Buckminster
Sportsman and below
Will Jones 07814 557267 Odiham/Lasham