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The British Aerobatic Association Limited claim copyright on all words and certain graphics contained within this electronic domain. In particular we own the copyright to the British Aerobatics and previous BAeA logos, and all variations on this theme, including colour variations and encircling words and motifs. The logo may be used to illustrate links back to the BAeA web on the Internet. If unsure as to other uses, please contact the BAeA.

We, like many others who use the Internet, have obtained some graphics from other sites, where they have been offered for general use at no charge, or where specific permission was made by verbal agreement. We have assumed any such use or agreement has been offered by those authorised to make such an offer, and for these we claim no copyright. All articles offered for publication here will be considered to be copyright of the BAeA, or to have been placed in the custody of the BAeA for copyright protection.

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Nothing in this electronic domain constitutes instruction on how to perform aerobatics or fly any aircraft, without first completing an appropriate training course from a suitably qualified individual or organisation. Where advice on the techniques of flying, and in particular aerobatic flying, is offered, it is done so on the basis that such information will only be applied by those qualified and able to attempt such techniques.

The British Aerobatic Association, its directors and members, will not be held liable in any claim arising from the use, whether appropriate or not, of any technique or instruction offered here.

Aerobatic flying should never be attempted by anyone without first undergoing a recognised course such as the AOPA. certificate of competency in aerobatic flying within the UK, or an equivalent rating within other countries.