RV Event, 2017 results

There’s always a bit of trepidation after persuading your colleagues that it’s all for the good of the Association and aerobatics in general to create an annual RV Event which will not be a competition!

Well what will it be then I hear you cry and why bother? With aerobatic RVs making up nearly a third of all aerobatic aircraft on the UK register (c320 out of 1000) there must be pent up demand for their owners to be able to develop their piloting skills and test their mettle with some of the UK’s best judges providing encouragement and constructive feedback.

Two years ago, we only really saw one RV at any of the competitions; Neil Spooner in G-IKON. Since the Association started this initiative as part of the “Get into Aeros” campaign we have seen a further ten RVs including models 4, 6, 7 and 8 with many more promising to get involved. You diehard Sky Gods out there know it won’t happen over-night.

Saturday was an intimate affair at Leicester Airport, a great aerobatic venue, which had disappointing WX written all over it at 08.00hrs that morning. One RV couldn’t make it because it was socked in down south, another had brake problems whilst others faced challenges but were able to get there in the end.

A delayed briefing, some bacon sandwiches all round, the sun shone and three thousand feet was there for all to enjoy. God must fly an RV.

Sir Chris Harper had wanted to pay a flying visit and observe, or so he thought. He’s President of the RAF Flying Clubs Association (RAFFCA) and also owns a nice RV8. We soon got him roped in. Chris started off the day by flying the demo sequence, particularly for some of the attendees that had never seen a sequence before, for others with a bit more experience he was nominated “wind dummy” .He hadn’t flown it before but acquitted himself very well, so much so that we had him on the list to fly a second sequence later in the day.

It wasn’t a competition but you would be forgiven for thinking that it was given the focus by some of the other pilots. John Michie, Richard Welch, Martin Luton and Steve Bakhtiari were soon to follow up with some excellent flying.

At the end of the day, and had it been a competition, you could have got a fag paper between Martin and Steve’s final scores. Congratulations to Steve. He’s never flown a sequence in front of a crowd but has been under the tutelage of Ron Allen and produced two fine flights but he learnt that aerobatics can be a “cruel mistress” and with a second flight four point roll not as good as his first flight got pipped at the post by Martin Luton, who has been at one or two more events than Steve.

Some great feedback from other RV pilots that came along but wanted to observe this time, wondering what all the fuss is about. Watch this space I think they might have been converted. Even Gary Ferriman turned up to see what the fuss was all about and made some mutterings about having to think about having a go at some point.

Finally, thank you to Nick and Jen B, Leif, John and John Scott (with his nice shiny RV8), Sarah and Chris Sills, representing the airfield for giving up their valuable time and helping out on the day.

Next year, I’d like to think we can get an Event going with at least 12 RVs taking part?

Phil Massetti

RV Event - Combined Final Results

Rank Pilot Aeroplane Registration Known #1 Known #2 Totals O/all %
1 Martin Luton RV-8 G-DAZZ 727.28 719.51 1446.78 76.146
2 Steven Bakhtiari RV-7 G-DVMI 687.53 756.66 1444.20 76.010
3 Richard Welch RV-6 G-DCOE 685.06 704.42 1389.47 73.130
4 John Michie RV-6A G-TJDM 659.17 578.02 1237.19 65.115

Note! Score Adjustment Factors have been applied Contest Director: Phil Massetti, Contest Chief Judge: Nick Buckenham, Scoring Director: Jen Buckenham

Judges: Nick Buckenham, John Royce, Leif Culpin, John Scott,

Judges Assistants: Sarah Hardy, Tim Dickson

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