The Saltby Open, 2017 results

The Saltby Open on its new dates started with the same marginal weather that seems to be the norm for this contest, moving to June did not help at all.

Friday looked like we might get some flying but after low cloud all morning and lots of waiting to launch the afternoon brought rain and the day was scrubbed.

Saturday had a slow start due to pop up cu on an otherwise nice day, we started flying at around 14:00 and as the cloud went up the day started to go well. With only 26 programs to fly the aim was to get the comp completed on saturday as the weather for sunday looked marginal.

It was a long day for the Judges, the flight line crew and the pilots but we eventually flew the last flight at 20:10 just in time for dinner. 

My thanks to the persistence of Leif and his crew and all the Saltby team of line crew and tug pilots for efforts beyond the call of duty which got the contest done and made the job of being CD a lot simpler than it could have been.

This year we did not have unlimited pilots scoop the medals as has happened in previous years, helped by what all the unlimited pilots thought was an impossible first program. Dietmar Poll proved it as not in fact impossible to get round, just rather difficult, but it did help level the field between the classes.

Thanks again to all the people who made this possible, judges, scribes, tug pilots, line crew and the saltby team of caterers and management.

Chris Cain

The Saltby Open Competition Results

Rank Level Pilot Aeroplane Registration Unk 2 Unk 1 Totals O/all %
1 SPO Will Jones MDM-1 Fox G-CFOX 1175.23 1093.55 2268.78 77.965
2 UNL Dietmar Poll Swift S-1 G-LUPY 1565.83 1454.98 3020.82 74.773
3 INT Rod Herve ASK 21 G-CKNL 1082.83 954.67 2037.50 68.834
4 UNL Paul Conran MDM-1 Fox G-CFOX 1572.67 1186.31 2758.98 68.292
5 SPO Jonathan Welch ASK 21 G-CKNL 1031.45 821.69 1853.14 63.682
6 SPO Fran McLoughlin ASK 21 G-CKNL 870.04 841.34 1711.39 58.811
7 SPO Jyrki Viitasaari ASK 21 G-CKNL 636.31 1061.77 1698.08 58.353
8 SPO Alan Munro ASK 21 G-CKNL 900.06 739.75 1639.81 56.351
9 SPO David White ASK 21 G-CKNL 729.33 895.48 1624.81 55.835
10 SPO Caroline Bois Perkoz G-PRKZ 808.16 815.88 1624.04 55.809
11 SPO Norbert Eschle ASK 21 G-CKNL 922.92 597.02 1519.94 52.232
12 UNL Andy Cunningham Swift S-1 G-LUPY 715.53 715.53 17.711

Note! Score Adjustment Factors have been applied Contest Director: Chris Cain, Contest Chief Judge: Leif Culpin, Scoring Director: Cindy Copsey

Judges: Leif Culpin, Ian Scott, Charles Baker,

Judges Assistants: Tim Dickson, Various PILOTS, Paula Graham

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