RV Event/Club or training event, 2018 results

At British Aerobatics events we are often privileged to see, fly, and score some of the exotica of aerobatic aircraft design. The most popular aerobatic aircraft on the UK register though, by far, is the Vans RV series of aircraft with more than 400 on the UK register.

These enormously versatile, capable aeroplanes are not the types that always immediately spring to mind when we think of competition aerobatic mounts, but are very effective competitors at Club and Sports levels. They would probably do reasonably well at Intermediate too, if only they were cleared for inverted spins. Several regular competitors now, and in previous seasons, have successfully campaigned in a Vans RV.

This years RV Event at Fenland is the second such, one-design style, event intended to give this large population of RV pilots a chance to experience competition-style flying.

We were grateful to Fenland airfield for a second invitation to visit them this season. For those that have flown in the box at Fenland you will recall the delightful airfield, the friendliness and helpfulness of the airfield operators, and probably the rather vague sight-lines in the box. I am not the only pilot to have lost the box at Fenland. 

Six entrants had signed-up for the event. All arrived on time and eager for the event. During the week ahead of the event I, and others, had expressed some concern for the weather. At various points during the week, it had looked like "no-flying on Saturday or Sunday", "Saturday ok with some shower-dodging" and "Saturday fine, Sunday a wash-out". In the end, based on the realtively small number of pilots and the weather, we decided to run the event as a single-day, Saturday-only event with the aim for each pilot to get two, scored, critiqued flights in the box, combined with plenty of time to discuss and review the feedback from these flights.

As the weather played out on the day we were very lucky, sitting between two fronts, one that passed through the day before with heavy rain. One which brought lowering cloud and showers by the end of the day. Flying conditions were superb!

Most of the entrants had done some competition flying before, although this was Chris Cheetham’s first foray into "the box".

Five lovely looking RVs took part. The published sequence was a "Club" style sequence of 7 figures, from which either the first or last figure could be omitted. Most pilots chose to fly all 7 figures, but nominated one figure to be discounted before flying.

We flew the first round and gave pilots the chance to discuss their results and get personal feedback from chief Judge, John Royce. The second round flying was much tidier as a result with some very nice, and high-scoring, flights being presented.

This was not a competition it was an event. Alongside the RV pilots a group of, mainly Intermediate, pilots were doing some training with Phil Burgess. It was a great opportunity for some of the newcomers and more experienced pilots to mix and discuss the day's flying, adding to the aerobatics focus of the day.

At the end of the day everyone got their two critiqued flights and left with big grins and promises to return. I hope to see everyone at another competition soon.

  Dave Farley (Contest Director)

RV Event - Known Sequence #2 - Final

Rank Pilot Aeroplane Registration Known #2 Totals O/all %
1 Richard Welch RV-6 G-DCOE 696.00 696.00 84.878
2 John Michie RV-8 G-TJDM 662.50 662.50 80.793
3 Piers Herbert RV-8 G-RVPH 659.50 659.50 80.427
4 James Astor RV-7 G-CFET 642.50 642.50 78.354
5 Martin Luton RV-8 G-DAZZ 582.50 582.50 71.037
6 Chris Cheetham RV-8 G-DAZZ 549.50 549.50 67.012

Contest Director: Dave Farley, Contest Chief Judge: John Royce, Scoring Director: Jen Buckenham

Judges: J1 - John Royce,

Judges Assistants: Hazel Auld

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