Get Into Aeros, 2018 results

This weekend saw our 2018 powered Get Into Aeros event talk place at Sleap Aerodrome, hosted by Shropshire Aero Club. It was open to the younger generation of pilots to learn more about what competition aerobatics is and how to get in to in. 

We had 90 applicants for the event so selecting who to offer places to was really difficult; selection was undertaken by a panel of four. We do hope that those who were unable to come along this time might join us at other events to find out more about aerobatics. 

Our participants took part in a number of activities, all with the aim of understanding more about competition aerobatics, the opportunities out there and how to make it that little bit more achievable when your budget is tight. This included: a fireside chat with multiple British Aerobatic Champion (and Red Bull Air Race World Champion) Nigel Lamb; a session on the judging line understanding more about what the judges are looking for; two training flights, both of which were scored by our judges; and, a presentation on the World Intermediate Aerobatics Championships in South Africa. Throughout the weekend we also had demo flights at the different competition levels so show what progression looks like – and where to aspire – and the opportunity to get to know each other and ask as many questions as possible about aerobatics. 

It was an event rather than a formal competition (although everyone always wants to know where they came!) but the scores were all good and no one should be the least ashamed of how they performed. Most of the participants had done very little previous aerobatics and they all put in admirable flights. 

We were extremely lucky with the weather, despite other parts of the country having significant rainfall and so made good progress and had done most of the flying by the end of the first day. This allowed time on the second day for the remaining flights, an opportunity to have a go at judging the flights directly, as well as presentations on how to make aerobatics more affordable. 

I would like to welcome our newest British Aerobatics members following the weekend – we’re delighted to have you join us and look forward to seeing you at events in the future. 

All that remains is for me to say a huge thank you to the many helpers (judges, presenters, instructors, scribes, pilots…the list is long and I won’t have got everyone, so please forgive me), the enthusiastic participants and Shropshire Aero Club for hosting us. 

Emily Collett
Contest Director

BAeA "Get Into Aeros" - Club Known #2 Final Results 2018

Rank Pilot Aeroplane Registration Known #2 Totals O/all %
1 Matthew Childs Extra 200 G-EEEK 601.44 601.44 81.275
2 Robbie Connington Pitts S-2A G-ODDS 586.61 586.61 79.271
3 Lewis Anderson Extra 200 G-EEEK 571.60 571.60 77.244
4 Kerrin Dutton Pitts S-2A G-ODDS 571.41 571.41 77.217
5 William Robson Extra 200 G-EEEK 565.78 565.78 76.457
6 Matt Richards Slingsby T67M G-ECRM 564.58 564.58 76.295
7 Alex Szymanski Slingsby T67M G-BUUK 562.04 562.04 75.951
8 Sam Woodgate Extra 200 G-EEEK 554.78 554.78 74.971
9 Tamara Leitan Pitts S-2A G-ODDS 548.66 548.66 74.143
10 Richard Pike Slingsby T67M G-ECRM 548.08 548.08 74.065
11 Euan Ramsay Slingsby T67M G-OCRM 527.23 527.23 71.247
12 Katherin Ritchie Pitts S-2A G-ODDS 526.47 526.47 71.144
13 Peter Kirkwood Slingsby T67M G-ECRM 525.69 525.69 71.040
14 Samuel Williams Slingsby T67M G-OCRM 517.95 517.95 69.993
15 Thomas Dean Slingsby T67M G-ECRM 516.39 516.39 69.783
16 Ross Pardy Slingsby T67M G-BUUK 516.02 516.02 69.733
17 Abs Ginimav Slingsby T67M G-BUUK 508.54 508.54 68.722
18 Tom Castle Slingsby T67M G-OCRM 507.49 507.49 68.580
19 Alistair Cunningham Slingsby T67M G-OCRM 500.05 500.05 67.574
20 Warren Dickson Slingsby T67M G-BUUK 476.96 476.96 64.454

Contest Director: Emily Collett, Contest Chief Judge: Brian McCartney, Scoring Director: Jen Buckenham

Judges: J1 - Brian McCartney, J2 - Leif Culpin, J3 - John Royce,

Judges Assistants: Hannah Short, Mitchell Stene, David Nichols

Other key staff: Ruth Scott - asst CD

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