Get into Aeros gliding, 2018 results

Once again Lasham Gliding Society generously hosted this event, offering a considerable discount to twenty junior glider pilots and giving us exclusive use of their two ASK 21’s for which we are eternally grateful. Two Fox’s were also made available to us, one belonging to Maz Makari and the other to Guy Westgate. Our thanks go also to them.

Students came from as far afield as Aboyne, Truro and Ashford, every corner of the country, such is the enthusiasm for the sport. Ages ranged from 25 down to 13 where Sam Stevens surprised us all with his natural ability. Everyone had a flight in the Fox and all found it awe inspiring. I am sure they will be back for more!

The weather was exceptional and we had two full days of flying until low cloud stopped us late on Sunday afternoon. More than fifty training flights were completed. Two BGA Standard badges and one Intermediate badge were achieved. Everyone learned much about the glider’s and their own capabilities and will go home as safer pilots.

Many of the students showed promise and will continue their training through the winter. Joel Hallewell and Carl Cox, fresh from the World Championships in Czech Republic, showed off their skills and many were inspired by the fact that Carl had only started aerobatics at last year’s "Get into Aeros".

Last and not least we offer a huge debt of gratitude to the instructors who gave up their weekend so that they could be there and pass on their skills - Will Jones, Andy Cunningham, Graham Saw and Charles Baker, thank you.

Paul Conran