Golding Barrett, Gunpowder & Nathaniel Alony Trophies, 2021 results

Once again all the usual preparation efforts from all the usual people were slotted neatly into place for this event, with a small but select band of Sports pilots for the Golding-Barrett and Gunpowder Trophies but no Unlimiteds coming out to play for the Nathaniel Alony. We had also opted to try and get the six Get-Into-Aero's newbies who were unlucky enough to be weathered-out at the last Sleap weekend back again, so a moderately full house was in prospect.

I'm not sure what it is about the 2021 weather, we must have done something to upset it ... but there we were again on the Thursday afternoon before this attempt looking at dire predictions from the Met office, courtesy of a strange Jet-Stream pattern wriggling away over the UK, and almost inevitably the likelihood of cancellation became hard to avoid. Ultimately it was the detailed Weatherweb predictions from Simon Keeling, courtesy of a timely intervention from the chairman, that sealed our weekend, the usual pre-contest Zoom briefing being the first casualty. A hastily established 'Sleap Too' WhatsApp group was then used to circulate the unwelcome message to all concerned. Sorry guys - as someone said ... Weather 1, BAeA nil. Well actually weather 2, but who's counting.

Fortunately some quick thinking by JB and Brian has transferred the Sports G-B and Gunpowder contests to the upcoming Fenland weekend, along with the GIA hopefuls, so for them at least "Try-3" is on the cards.

See you all there ...
Nick B, Contest Director