Duxford & Golden Snitch, Golding-Barrett & Gunpowder Trophies, 2021 results

With the 2021 competition aerobatic scene enjoying a moderate resurgence at Little Gransden and Conington over the past two weekends the entry for Fenland was unexpectedly small but interesting. Initially the weather on the day could have been more promising, and reports from pilots ready to launch around the country were even less favourable. Unfortunately when the Waltham DR-107 did arrive its u/s propellor immediately put us two Sports pilots down, and with the Walsh EA-300 hiding from the rain and cross-wind in Norfolk the prospect of a valid contest became a question for careful review by all present.

After some debate and with blue skies eventually appearing our three intrepid pilots all agreed that a concerted training session would be by far the most beneficial outcome, thus Simon Wood and Nick Wakefield at Advanced and James Seward at Sports received a short series of detailed critiques and feedback sessions from the assembled small but undoubtedly high-quality judging panel.

It occasionally crosses our minds that there might be more people on the ground than taking part in the air, and so it was this day - spot the contestants below, they're the three on the left making-up just 25% of the assembled company. They were in no doubt however of the true value of their unexpected training day in the sun. 


Nick Buckenham
Contest Director