"ACRO", the Aerobatic Contest Results Organiser

Since the early 1990's the BAeA has developed a number of computer-based aerobatic scoring systems, starting with linked spreadsheets in SuperCalc (remember that?), through a long period with a DOS system that used the TBLP statistical process, to the current ACRO software developed and authored by Nick Buckenham which incorporates the CIVA FairPlay method to resolve 'unusual' judge marks. This software was first used by the BAeA at the 2007 Dan Smith event, was adopted by CIVA in 2008 and has since then been employed at well over 50 international championships.

BAeA scoring software ACRO

ACRO has developed a dominant international following amongst national aerobatic clubs and associations who require a simple, quick and effective computer programme to handle contest results administration in printed paper and web upload formats for both power and glider disciplines. The software also provides direct access to an extensive archive of international contest files, so that anyone can retrieve and experiment with the contest file giving the results of the day.

Open access

All BAeA contest files are held in a web archive and are thus available to everyone for post-event analysis. To do this you will also need a (free) copy of the ACRO software from the Exploit Design web. The software will run on any Windows computer from W7 onward.


The "FairPlay" statistical processing method, commissioned by CIVA from BAeA's Alan Cassidy and Steve Green and developed with the help of experienced statistician Professor Derek Pike from Bristol University, identifies judges marks that are unacceptably different from the rest of the scoring panel and replaces them with 'fitted values' that more closely suit the judges style. FairPlay also provides a comprehensive analysis of judges marks, allowing the Chief Judge to monitor the panel output as the event proceeds. This output subsequently provides a rational basis for targeted development and improvement of judge training.

The primary guide to the FairPlay system is given in the CIVA Sporting Code Section-6 regulations Appendix FPS available from CIVA. A somewhat more readable explanation of the process is available on the ACRO website

OpenAero Sequence Design Software

OpenAero is a comprehensive and free aerobatic sequence design software application that runs inside your web browser, and is able to provide all the necessary bells and whistles for quick and accurate design of sequences from Club to the Unlimited Free Known.

International Aerobatic Championship Results

All international CIVA aerobatic championship results can be reached at https://www.civa-results.com where you will also be able to retrieve copies of the ACRO championship data files through this central resource.