British Glider Aerobatic Championships, 2017

This competition has now ended
24th August - 27th August
Entry deadline: 17th August
Contest Director
Nick Buckenham - 07773 768386 TBC
Chief Judge
Leif Culpin - 07534 917740
Airfield Contact
Club House (01476 860385)
Club - £37.50 (BAeA Club Plaque)
Sports - £97.50 (BAeA Medals)
Intermediate - £97.50 (BAeA Medals)
Advanced - £120.00 (British National Championship Trophy)
Unlimited - £120.00 (British National Championship Plate)
Competing pilot fee
  • Wednesday: 18:00
  • Thursday: 08:00

All classes at 0830hrs daily

Also: Unlimited 1800 and Advanced 1900 on the 23rd August for unknown figure selection.


Electronic copies of Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited Free Known sequences (Aresti or OpenAero, preferably in ".seq" file format) must be received by the closing date, or the default sequence must be flown

Club (Saturday)

  • Known #1
  • Known #2

Sports (Friday-Sunday)

  • 2 Knowns
  • 1 Unknown

Intermediate (Thursday-Sunday)

  • Free Known
  • 3 Unknowns

Advanced & Unlimited (Thursday-Sunday)

  • Full CIVA programme

Fee: Pilots are responsible for their own tow fees.

Flight evaluation forms must be filed with the BAeA office by the closing date.

Airfield details

For more information on this airfield pleae visit

Name & location
Saltby , 8nm SSW Grantham
Contact details
Club House (01476 860385)

Saltby airfield run by Buckminster Gliding Club and is strictly PPR.

See for joining instructions.


Camping facilities, tents and caravans, available on site.

Grantham Tourist 01476 406166

Contest entrants

Pilots name Aircraft & registration Date entered
Club (BAeA Club Plaque)
Jan Wozny Jan Wozny (K21/Swyft) 15th August
Sports (BAeA Medals)
Guy Roth G-CKNL (K21) 8th August
Mateusz Borkowski Any (ASK 211) 8th August
David White G-CKNL (K-21) 8th August
Harry Entwistle ? (K21) 10th August
Norbert Eschle TBC (ASK-21) 17th August
Intermediate (BAeA Medals)
Charles Baker G-CKNL (K21) 26th June
Rodolphe Herve G-CKNL (Ask21) 18th July
Fran mc Loughlin G - CKNL (Ask 21) 8th August
David Gethin G-UNKWN (ASK-21 or Swift) 8th August
Advanced (British National Championship Trophy)
Joel Hallewell G-CFOX (MDM-1 FOX) 31st July
William Jones G-CFOX (MDM-1 FOX) 2nd August
Graham Saw Czech Mate (Letov LF107 Lunak) 13th August
Fliss Jones G-CFOX (MDM-1 FOX) 14th August
Unlimited (British National Championship Plate)
Dietmar Poll G-LUPY (SWIFT S1) 10th June
Paul Conran G-CFOX (Fox) 1st August
David-John Gibbs G-LUPY (SWIFT) 8th August

Judges & assistants

Below are all judges and assistants who have volunteered to help out at this contest

Thu 24th August Fri 25th August Sat 26th August Sun 27th August
Leif Culpin, CJ Leif Culpin, CJ Leif Culpin, CJ Leif Culpin, CJ
Martin Sandford Martin Sandford Martin Sandford Martin Sandford
Michael Corcoran Michael Corcoran Michael Corcoran Michael Corcoran
Andy Cunningham Andy Cunningham Andy Cunningham Andy Cunningham