John McLean, Newbold, Icicle Trophies, 2018

This competition has now ended
28th April - 29th April
Entry deadline: 19th April
Contest Director
Eric Marsh - 07770 860670
Chief Judge
John Royce - 07495 961898
Airfield Contact
Ian Ross (01757 289065)
Club - £37.50 (BAeA Plaque)
Sports - £75.00 (John McLean Trophy)
Intermediate - £75.00 (Nigel Newbold Trophy)
Advanced - £75.00 (Icicle Trophy)
Unlimited - £75.00 (BAeA Medals)
Competing pilot fee

From 08:30





  • Club Known 1st flight
  • Sports Known
  • Intermediate Free Known
  • Advanced Unknown 1 (Icicle - Open to Unlimited)
  • Club Known 2nd flight
  • Sports Unknown 1


  • Intermediate Unknown (BAeA)
  • Sports Unknown 2
  • Advanced Unknown 2 (Icicle - Open to Unlimited)

Electronic copies of pilots' Free Known sequences (Aresti or OpenAero, preferably in ".seq" file format) must be received by the closing date, or the default sequence must be flown.


Airfield/Pilot fee is to be paid at registration.

Club - Pilots will fly the known sequence twice. The scores will be combined in the same way as they are at higher levels.

Icicle Trophy - The trophy will be awarded to the pilot with the highest combined scores of the 2 Advanced Unknown sequences (open to Unlimited pilots).

Airfield details

For more information on this airfield pleae visit

Name & location
Breighton , 11nm SE York
Contact details
Ian Ross (01757 289065)
100LL & JET A1 (self service card machine)

Airfield: 01757 289065
Selby Tourist Information: 01757 705101

Contest entrants

Pilots name Aircraft & registration Date entered
Club (BAeA Plaque)
Caleb Whitehead G-EEEK (Extra 200) 22nd December
John longmore G-BVFA (Rans S10) 22nd January
Andy McKee G-FUUN (Silence Twister) 15th February
Vytautas Kiminius G-CFIJ (Christen Eagle II) 19th April
Sports (John McLean Trophy)
Maciej Kulaszewski G-EEEK (Extra 200) 19th February
Trevor Dugan G-ISZA (S2A) 8th March
Sam Parker G-EEEK (EXTRA200) 12th March
Jake Cook G-EEEK (Extra 200) 1st April
Mark Thomas G-UIII (Extra 200) 19th April
Vytautas Kiminius G-CFIJ (Christen Eagle II) 19th April
Intermediate (Nigel Newbold Trophy)
Anthony Walsh GOLUD (Extra 200) 8th January
Gary Ferriman G-OEGL (EAGLE) 19th April
Advanced (Icicle Trophy)
Dave Farley G-GKKI (CAP 231 EX) 26th February
Ron Allan G-ZVKO (Edge 360) 10th April
Emily Collett G-GODV (Cap 232) 19th April
Mike Collett G-GODV (CAP 232) 19th April
Farrell McGee G-IIFM (EDGE 360) 20th April
Cas Smith G-ICAS (Pitts S-2A) 23rd April
Unlimited (BAeA Medals)
Phil Burgess G-RIHN (DR-107 One Design) 5th March

Judges & assistants

Below are all judges and assistants who have volunteered to help out at this contest

Sat 28th April Sun 29th April
John Royce, CJ John Royce, CJ
Sarah Hardy (scribe) Sarah Hardy (scribe)
Martin Sandford Martin Sandford
Nick Buckenham Nick Buckenham
Anne Sandford (scribe) Anne Sandford (scribe)
Leif Culpin Brian McCartney
Brian McCartney -