The Don Henry & Royal Air Squadron Trophies, 2018

This competition has now ended
Compton Abbas
13th July - 14th July
Entry deadline: 5th July
Contest Director
Rod Herve 07868 732794
Chief Judge
Nick Buckenham - 07773 768386
Airfield Contact
Emma Hughes (01747 811767)
Club - £37.50 (BAeA Club Plaque)
Sports - £75.00 (Gunpowder Trophy)
Intermediate - £75.00 (BAeA Medals)
--- Apprentice (Royal Air Squadron Trophy)
Advanced - £75.00 (Don Henry Trophy)
--- Masters (Golden Snitch)
Competing pilot fee

From 11:00 on Friday


Friday - Sports, Intermediate and Advanced - 12:00
Saturday - Club,Sports, Intermediate & Advanced - 08:30



  • Sports Known
  • Intermediate Free Known
  • Advanced Free Known


  • AM: Club Known 1st flight
  • AM: Sports Unknown
  • AM: Advanced Unknown (BAeA)
  • PM: Club Known 2nd fight
  • PM: Intermediate Apprentices
  • PM: Advanced Masters

If time is short, Apprentices and Masters will take priority over the Unknowns.


Electronic copies of Intermediate and Advanced Free Known sequences (Aresti or OpenAero, preferably in ".seq" file format) must be received by the closing date, or the default sequence must be flown.

Strictly NO Saturday arrivals before 0800hrs.

Airfield details

For more information on this airfield pleae visit

Name & location
Compton Abbas EGHA, 3nm SW of Shaftesbury
Contact details
Emma Hughes (01747 811767)

Avoid over flying villages in the vicinity of the aerodrome. Arrive Friday if at all possible, as an early start to flying on Saturday is essential.

No airborne arrivals outside published opening hours! Strictly PPR!

Duty engineer on call

Shaftesbury Tourist Office - 01747-853514
Camping space is available on the airfield

Contest entrants

Pilots name Aircraft & registration Date entered
Club (BAeA Club Plaque)
Alan GEORGE G-BRBN (Pitts S-1S) 18th June
Sports (Gunpowder Trophy)
Simon Berkeljon GTPSY (Super Decathlon) 15th June
Ben Davis GBTTR (PITTS S2A) 16th June
Alan Murphy G-IIAI (CAP232) 18th June
Jake Cook G-EEEK (Extra 200) 24th June
Yair Yaniv GTPSY (Super Decathlon) 25th June
Maciej Kulaszewski G-EEEK (EXTRA 200) 29th June
Martin Luton G-DAZZ (RV-8) 3rd July
Mark Thomas G-UIII (Extra 200) 4th July
Mark Barber G-CUPP (Pitts S2A) 4th July
Intermediate (BAeA Medals)
Anthony Walsh G-OLUD (Extra 200) 14th June
Iain Smith G-PMIZ (Pitts M12) 14th June
Patrick Caruth N11N (Pitts S1T) 18th June
Jez Burgoin N80035 (Pitts S2A) 19th June
Simon Wood G-HOON (Pitts S1-S) 26th June
David Cowden G-ROMP (Extra 230) 1st July
Trevor Dugan G-ISZA (S2A) 3rd July
Christopher Waddington G BOXV (Pitts Special S1SE) 5th July
Advanced (Don Henry Trophy)
Paul Brice Paul Brice (Extra330sc) 23rd December
Dave Farley G-GKKI (CAP 231EX) 5th May
David Nichols G-IISC (Extra 330SC) 14th May
Nick Wakefield G-IIIT (Pitts S2A) 19th June
David Thomson OH-SKA (CAP 232) 2nd July
Philip Massetti G EDGY (Edge 540) 2nd July
Brian McCartney G-GKKI (CAP231ex) 5th July

Judges & assistants

Below are all judges and assistants who have volunteered to help out at this contest

Fri 13th July Sat 14th July
Nick Buckenham, CJ Nick Buckenham, CJ
Sarah Hardy Sarah Hardy
Charles Baker Ruth Scott
Peter Rounce Peter Rounce
Martin Sandford John Royce
- Guy Harwood (Scribe)