Gunpowder, Roy Legg & Duxford Trophies, 2022

This competition has now ended
21st May - 22nd May
Entry deadline: 12th May
Contest Director
Phil Massetti 07977 586205
Chief Judge
John Royce 07495 961898
Airfield Contact
Michael Wright (0116 259 2360)
Club - £45.00 (BAeA Club Plaque)
Sports - £75.00 (Gunpowder Trophy)
Intermediate - £120.00 (Roy Legg Trophy)
Advanced - £150.00 (Duxford Trophy)
Competing pilot fee

From 08:30 Sat


Thur - 19:30hrs on Zoom

Sat - 09:30hrs

Sun - 08:00hrs


Sat am

  • Club Known
  • Sports Known
  • Intermediate Free Known (Roy Legg trophy)
  • Advanced Free Known (Duxford trophy)

Sat pm

  • Club Known 2nd flight
  • Sports Unknown 1
  • Intermediate Unknown 1 (Roy Legg trophy)
  • Advanced Unknown 1 (Duxford trophy)

Sun am

  • Sports Unknown 2
  • Intermediate Unknown 2 (Roy Legg trophy)
  • Advanced Unknown 2 (Duxford trophy)

Sun pm

  • Club Known 3rd flight
  • Sports Unknown 3
  • Intermediate Unknown 3 (Roy Legg trophy)
  • Advanced Unknown 3 (Duxford trophy)


While COVID-related national restrictions are being lifted, British Aerobatics wishes to maintain a good safety record in the air and on the ground, and as such remain cautious to limit the potential spreading of COVID at our contests and ensure that all members and potential visitors can enjoy this season as safely as possible. Please read our current guidelines here

This event is aimed at new Sports competitors.

An airfield usage fee of £25 will be payable at registration on the day.

All pilots wishing to use their own aircraft on the day must have been assessed as competent to do so by an approved BAeA assessor and their signed evaluation forms must be lodged with the BAeA office prior to the closing date.

Blank forms can be downloaded from this website by visiting 'Pilot Briefing' then clicking 'Proficiency Scheme' and once completed should be sent to;

Jen Buckenham, 84 Green End Road, Sawtry, Cambs, PE28 5UZ.

To hire aircraft for this event contact;

Box Overhead and 4-way Sequence Entry Views

Airfield details

For more information on this airfield pleae visit

Name & location
Leicester EGBG, 4.0nm ESE Leicester
Contact details
Michael Wright (0116 259 2360)
AVGAS 100LL, Jet A1

Leicester Tourist Office

Contest entrants

Pilots name Aircraft & registration Date entered
Club (BAeA Club Plaque)
Jonathan Voce G-PTTS (Pitts S2A) 20th April
Ben Voce G-PTTS (Pitts S2A) 20th April
Sports (Gunpowder Trophy)
Laura Russell G-EEEK (EA200) 26th April
Herman Abel G-EEEK (Extra 200) 29th April
Mark Onyett G-HEDL (EA-300) 4th May
Jamie Williams G-BTTR (Pitts S2A) 9th May
Edward Stephens G-GULZ (Christen Eagle II) 10th May
Martin Luton G-DAZZ (RV-8) 12th May
Intermediate (Roy Legg Trophy)
Yair Yaniv HA-XEN (GenPro) 3rd March
Nick Riddin G-TAZZ (DR107) 28th April
Steven Bakhtiari G-IIXA (XA41) 30th April
Chris Waddington G BOXV (Pitts S1S) 12th May
Advanced (Duxford Trophy)
David Nichols G-IISC (Extra 330SC) 24th April
Simon Wood G-ZVKO (Edge 360) 25th April
Tony Walsh G-OLAD (Extra 300L) 25th April
Maciej Kulaszewski HA-XEN (GenPro) 28th April
David Thomson G-NGTC (Extra NG) 6th May
Paul Elvidge G-CDDP (Edge 360) 9th May
David Heard G-NGTC (EXTRA NG) 10th May

Judges & assistants

Below are all judges and assistants who have volunteered to help out at this contest

Sat 21st May Sun 22nd May
John Royce 07495 961898, CJ John Royce 07495 961898, CJ
Brian Gleave Brian Gleave
Dominic Gleave (Assistant) Dominic Gleave (Assistant)
Sarah Hardy Rodolphe Hervé
Rodolphe Hervé Nick Buckenham
Nick Buckenham Eric Marsh
Eric Marsh -
Leif Culpin -