BAeA Open Club Event, 2022

This competition has now ended
Little Gransden
28th May
Entry deadline: 19th May
Contest Director
Nick Buckenham 07773 768386
Chief Judge
Rod Herve 07868 732794
Airfield Contact
Mark Jefferies (07785 538 317)
Club - £45.00 (BAeA Club Plaque)
Competing pilot fee



Thur 19:30 on Zoom (instructors and officials)

Sat 09:30hrs


Sat AM Club Known Compulsory, First Flight
Sat PM Club Known Compulsory, Second Flight

First flight - Pilots will have the opportunity of a short training flight away from the airfield before returning to fly the sequence in the overhead. This sequence will be judged for training purposes.

Second flight - Pilots will fly the sequence in the overhead again but without the training flight beforehand. This flight will be judged in the same way as regular competitions, with a 'winner' being crowned.


While COVID-related national restrictions are being lifted, British Aerobatics wishes to maintain a good safety record in the air and on the ground, and as such remain cautious to limit the potential spreading of COVID at our contests and ensure that all members and potential visitors can enjoy this season as safely as possible. Please read our current guidelines here

The entry numbers are capped at 16 pilots.

Entry fee is £30. An airfield usage fee of £25 will be payable on the day.

Briefing Document for this event

Airfield contact is Mark Jefferies, 07785 538 317

To hire aircraft for the contest, contact:

Box Overhead and 4-way Sequence Entry Views

Airfield details

For more information on this airfield pleae visit

Name & location
Little Gransden EGMJ, Beds
Contact details
Mark Jefferies (07785 538 317)

Avoid rifle range east of the aerodrome below 1000 ft

Very limited, plenty of space outside

Contest entrants

Pilots name Aircraft & registration Date entered
Club (BAeA Club Plaque)
Charlie Coode G-BTTR (Pitts S-2A Special) 1st May
Alexander Stiff GBTTR (Pitts S2A) 4th May
Alexander Peart G-EEEK (EA-200) 9th May
Andy Rickerby G-EEEK (EA 200) 9th May
JD Marshall Salazar G-EEEK (Extra 200) 13th May
Jacob Hinson G-EEEK (E200) 19th May
Ashley Commons G-BTTR (Pitts S2A) 19th May
Matthew Duffy G-BTTR (S-2A) 23rd May

Judges & assistants

Below are all judges and assistants who have volunteered to help out at this contest

Sat 28th May
Rod Herve 07868 732794, CJ