Tiger Trophy, 2022

17th September - 18th September
Entry deadline: 8th September
Contest Director
Nick Buckenham 07773 768386
Chief Judge
Steve Green
Airfield Contact
Jeff Helm (07973 757409)
Sports - £50.00 (Tiger Trophy)
Intermediate - £80.00 (Tiger Trophy)
Advanced - £100.00 (Tiger Trophy)
Unlimited - £100.00 (Tiger Trophy)
Competing pilot fee

From 09:00hrs Saturday


Saturday - 10:00hrs 

Sunday - 08:00hrs 


  • An Unknown compulsory (Spo to Unl) - Tiger Trophy
  • Surprise Unknown
  • Unflown trophies from earlier in the season

While COVID-related national restrictions are being lifted, British Aerobatics wishes to maintain a good safety record in the air and on the ground, and as such remain cautious to limit the potential spreading of COVID at our contests and ensure that all members and potential visitors can enjoy this season as safely as possible. Please read our current guidelines here

Pilots competing in the Tiger Trophy must enter at the highest level at which they have previously competed at a British Aerobatics or International event. The intent of this requirement is that pilots should fly at the level which challenges the full extent of their aerobatic capability and hence puts all pilots on an equal footing.

In some circumstances, pilots may have been inactive at competitions for a number of years, or may have chosen to compete at a lower level of competition. In such instances, the Head of Contest Organisation may exempt a pilot from this requirement.

An exemption will not be given if the pilot has competed at a higher level within the previous five years. Pilots who wish to obtain an exemption to this rule and fly at a lower level, must contact the Head of Contest Organisation for approval before the entry deadline for the contest.

Pilots are invited to form teams of 3 - 6 pilots for the 'Surprise Unknowns'. The Team Tankard will be awarded to the team with the 3 highest ranked pilots. Participation as part of a team in the Surprise Unknown is not compulsory. Individual medals will also be awarded.

Unknown sequences may be replaced with un-flown trophies from earlier events.

 Box Overhead and 4-way Sequence Entry Views

Airfield details

For more information on this airfield pleae visit http://www.fenlandairfield.co.uk/

Name & location
Fenland EGCL, 6nm SE Spalding
Contact details
Jeff Helm (07973 757409)

On arrival keep well clear of Holbeach St.John, 1.5 miles east.

Contact - events@fenlandairfield.co.uk

AVGAS 100LL, Jet A1
Very limited
Available Sat & Sun if required

Contest entrants

Pilots name Aircraft & registration Date entered
Enter Sports (Tiger Trophy)
There are currently no entries for this level
Enter Intermediate (Tiger Trophy)
There are currently no entries for this level
Enter Advanced (Tiger Trophy)
There are currently no entries for this level
Enter Unlimited (Tiger Trophy)
There are currently no entries for this level

Judges & assistants

Below are all judges and assistants who have volunteered to help out at this contest

Sat 17th September Sun 18th September
Steve Green, CJ Steve Green, CJ
Brian Gleave Brian Gleave
Dominic Gleave (Assistant) Dominic Gleave (Assistant)
Nick Buckenham Nick Buckenham
Eric Marsh Eric Marsh
Ian Scott Ian Scott