The Ayre Blade, 2022

10th September
Entry deadline: 1st September
Contest Director
Dave Hall
Chief Judge
Brian McCartney 07885 363187
Airfield Contact
Julie Churchill (01487 834161)
Club (Tony Ayre Blade)
Competing pilot fee





Sat AM Club Known Compulsory, First Flight

Sat PM Club Known Compulsory, Second Flight

First flight - Pilots will have the opportunity of a short training flight away from the airfield before returning to fly the sequence in the overhead. This sequence will be judged for training purposes.

Second flight - Pilots will fly the sequence in the overhead again but without the training flight beforehand. This flight will be judged in the same way as regular competitions, with a 'winner' being crowned.


Event only open to RAFSA members

Pilots will be competing for the Tony Ayre Blade, named in memory of Sgt Tony Ayre, who was an enthusiastic aerobatic pilot who won the inaugural RAFSA event in 2014. Unfortunately he was killed later that same year. Sgt Tony Ayre's family bequeathed a fully aerobatic Pitts S-2AE, G-PULR, that he was in the middle of building, to RAFSA, which has been named the Spirit of Ayre, thus honouring his enthusiasm for this burgeoning sport within the RAF. Further details about both Tony and his Pitts can be found by pasting the address below into your browser:

Airfield details

For more information on this airfield pleae visit

Name & location
Conington EGSF, 7nm S Peterborough
Contact details
Julie Churchill (01487 834161)

Pilots arriving from the North/Northwest should particularly avoid Sibson ATZ where intensive parachuting operations take place.

Radar service is obtainable from RAF Waddington if coming from the north, possibly Lakenheath or Marham if from the east, up to 1700 local on Friday. 

See Conington's overhead joining info

AVGAS 100LL, Jet A1
An engineer is on call at weekends

Try also:

  • Redwings Lodge (A1 5m south) 01487 830100 
  • The Stilton Cheese (Stilton)  01733 240546
  • The Bell Inn (Stilton) 01733 241066

Judges & assistants

Below are all judges and assistants who have volunteered to help out at this contest

Sat 10th September
Brian McCartney 07885 363187, CJ
Nick Buckenham
Brian Gleave
Dominic Gleave (Assistant)
Chris Sills