Dan Smith Memorial Trophy, 2022

This competition has now ended
9th April - 10th April
Entry deadline: 31st March
Contest Director
Andy Cunningham 07973 178214
Chief Judge
Charles Baker 01962 712432
Airfield Contact
London Gliding Club (01582 663419)
Sports - £75.00 (Dan Smith Memorial Trophy)
Competing pilot fee

08:30 Saturday


19:30 Thursday 7th April on Zoom

09:00 both days



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While COVID-related national restrictions are being lifted, British Aerobatics wishes to maintain a good safety record in the air and on the ground, and as such remain cautious to limit the potential spreading of COVID at our contests and ensure that all members and potential visitors can enjoy this season as safely as possible. Please read our current guidelines here

Restricted to K21 only and the event will be limited to the first 18 entrants.

Box Overhead and 4-way Sequence Entry View

Airfield details

For more information on this airfield pleae visit http://www.londonglidingclub.co.uk/

Name & location
Dunstable , Dunstable
Contact details
London Gliding Club (01582 663419)

Dunstable is an undulating grass airfield 1 mile SW of Dunstable at the foot of the Dunstable Downs. Operations include both Winch and Aerotow launches directly under the Luton CTR. It is operated by the London Gliding Club and is strictly PPR. Pilots wishing to arrive by air must receive a briefing on the complex airspace and operations.

All AC must call Luton Approach on 129.55MHz before entering the CTR.

All pilots new to Dunstable must ensue that they have a site check with a Dunstable Instructor before the event. Site checks will not usually be permitted during the contest.


Club House, bunk house accommodation, on-site restaurant. 01582 663419

Contest entrants

Pilots name Aircraft & registration Date entered
Sports (Dan Smith Memorial Trophy)
Szymon Bartus TBA (ASK 21) 16th January
Rolph Overvliet NA (ASK20) 3rd March
Steven Hardy EQR (K21) 5th March
Jack Jenner-Hall TBC (ASK21) 17th March
Leo Sentinella Ask21 (Ask21) 29th March
David Gethin G-1K21 (K21) 30th March
Carl Cox G-LAST (K-21) 30th March
Will Jones K21 (K21) 31st March

Judges & assistants

Below are all judges and assistants who have volunteered to help out at this contest

Sat 9th April Sun 10th April
Charles Baker 01962 712432, CJ Charles Baker 01962 712432, CJ
Paul Conran Paul Conran
Rodolphe Hervé Rodolphe Hervé