Judging: The Judging School

Judging Seminar 2017 on Saturday 1st April starting at 0915

It is planned to run from 09:15 until about 17:00. Everybody is welcome - indeed, you should be there! There will be a thorough review and tutorial of How to Judge.

This will be a packed day with lots to see and do, and thus we're arranging coffee and light refreshments to be brought into the seminar room so that we can carry on throughout the day.

During the seminar we will use BAeA 2017 Judging Seminar Tutorial as the basic material for the day. It will help you greatly to download and read through this document, which is in effect a printed version of the forty or so pages from the BAeA Judging section. It is hoped to have a sequence or two flown at some stage during the afternoon, and this will be used as a field-class tutorial to supplement the days programme.

Here are some other important documents that we will use during the seminar - please download and print them so you can bring them on the day:

Judging the aerobatic Aces

Competition aerobatic flights, just like Olympic skating, diving and many other creative performances in world sport, are to the true insider a game of two parts: the "ace" in the sky, on the ice, above the water - twisting and turning to perfection - connected by invisible geometric sightlines to the judges on the ground who ultimately make all the real decisions ... who wins, who comes second and so on.

Learning to fly, and then learning to fly aerobatics competition style takes a big chunk of most pilot’s lives. If you think you have a good eye and a quick brain, learning to be an aerobatic Judge and playing an active role at the other end of the equation is much easier. From the judging line you can enjoy absolutely the best seat in the house and be a real expert - but with a free lunch and your feet firmly on the ground.

Learning to be an aerobatic Judge

The British Aerobatic Association runs a comprehensive Aerobatic Judging Seminar every year. In 2017 this will be on Saturday April 1st. The seminar is aimed at everyone from raw beginner to expert. It will start at 09:15 and cover both power and glider categories (they do have their differences!) and if the weather plays ball there will be an afternoon session judging some sequences flown overhead the airfield.

Where to from there?

Once you have your foot on the judging ladder, the BAeA will welcome you and your skills at the whole range of UK national events. If the urge takes you it is possible to progress from here all the way up the ladder to Continental and World championships. The basics and the theory remain the same; it’s the rising complexity that requires just a bit more effort ...