British Aerobatics in China

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The Global Stars team take a short break from the heavy demands of flying formation aerobatics to model the new livery of the British Aerobatic Association.

Here in Zhengzhou, China, twelve teams battle it out for recognition on the world stage as we see the start of a new form of competition aerobatics; Formation Aerobatics. Whilst for this specific event, it could not be considered a competition, it marked the start of a series of events gathering together the top pilots from around the world. Countries represented at Zhegzhou Airshow 2017 include three teams from the UK, including the Global Stars, two from South Africa and other countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Romania, Lithuania, Russia and Australia.

Over the four day event we witnessed some awesome formation flying, but what would you expect when you have pilots such as world champions Mikhail Mamistov of Russia and Ramon Alonso of Spain, Nigel Hopkins of South Africa and Tom Cassells from the UK to name but a few.

China is focussed on building a world class sports and general aviation sector and if this Event is anything to go by they are well on their way.

Phil Massetti in Zhengzhou, China for British Aerobatics.