CIVA approves new warm up figures for 2022

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If you fly power aerobatics at Intermediate, Advanced or Unlimited you will already appreciate the benefits of being able to fly warm up figures to fully prepare yourself and your aircraft for the upcoming sequence and assess the wind direction and strength.

At the 2021 CIVA plenary a joint UK/France proposal was accepted which now allows a wider range of warm ups, including manoeuvres designed to help with g-tolerance during the sequence. These have now been published in the 2022 revision of CIVA Sporting Code Section 6-1 and have also been incorporated into an April revision of the British Aerobatics General Rules. There is also a summary here - in the Judging pages of our website

Club and Sports pilots are still permitted to perform the two half rolls to check straps and the inverted systems and also make sure that there are no loose articles in the aircraft before commencing.

We have reproduced the full British Aerobatics rule revision below. Please direct any questions to, in the first instance: