CIVA contests, rule changes & figure selections for 2022

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Update: 22nd December 2021

The review of the Power UNL figure set is complete, which has resulted in Fig. E being amended to an inverted exit. The full sets of Power and Glider figures are now published here

The Power UNL figure set is:

Update: 14th December 2021

There is now a further review within CIVA of the Power UNL figure set, which requires the figure sets to be re-voted on. Watch this space!

Update: 13th December 2021

The review of the Glider UNL figures is complete and these will stand as selected. This means that the 2022 Free Known must include the selected rolling circle figure, as well as a compulsory rolling turn per Section 6 Part 2 a) From Family 2 (turns and rolling turns) at least one rolling turn with one full roll.

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Following the plenary in November, CIVA has now published an executive summary of decisions made, along with the approved 5-figure selections for 2022. Details can be read here or at CIVA News Please note that the Glider UNL figures are under review to resolve an issue with the rolling circle figure.

The 5-figures OpenAero files are at 2022 Figures Sets both published and as a zip file to download.

For the detail and background to the rule changes please read here

If you have ambitions to compete on the international stage in 2022, now is the time to start planning!