CIVA Rule Proposals 2022

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19th August 2021

Here are this year's CIVA rule proposals for your interest and comments. There are a couple of weeks to submit a formal response, but they will also be discussed and voted on at the CIVA plenary in November, for implementation in 2022.

It is likely that a further document will be issued which will amalgamate some of these proposals, based on internal CIVA discussions which took place at very short notice last weekend. We don't know when that update will be published.

In the meantime may I draw your attention to NP2022-18 which discusses the removal of the PZ from scoring and which seems to have general support and NP2022-24 likewise, which is a proposal to select a single sequence for the Unknowns to be flown by all pilots so that there is an equal test for all. Plenty of figure change proposals for ADV and UNL pilots, too.

Comments back to Phil Massetti, Chris Sills or myself, please using or and we will coordinate a response to CIVA.