Get Into Aeros - Glider

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This year’s BAeA glider ‘Get into Aero’s’ event was again generously hosted by Lasham GS over the weekend 16th/17th September.  Some 65 aerobatic training flights were undertaken by 20 students, all juniors of 26 yrs or younger.  Five Advanced Aerobatic Instructors shared between them four gliders including the Fox.  Seven BGA Aerobatic Standard badges were gained.  The weather was excellent, standards of safety and airmanship were high and altogether I think it is true to say that everyone went home on Sunday evening better, safer and wiser pilots.  Many thanks to the instructors who all gave their time freely and to Lasham CFI Colin Watt and his team who went out of their way to make sure the event was a success.  Instructing were Charles Baker, Andy Cunningham, Alex Harris, Will Jones, Roger Barber and myself.

Several of the pilots had attended the same event in 2016 and three of them are in now in training for next year’s National Team. Worthy of note is the extent of Lasham GS’s generosity.  £60 launches were given for £40, reciprocal membership charges were waived (usually £10 p.d.) and camping and use of he facilities were free.   

I am hoping that this event will become a regular feature on both our calendar and that of Lasham GS.

Paul Conran