Get Into Aeros this weekend at Popham!

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Have a PPL? Try Aerobatics! 

Get Into Aeros is an initiative that aims to secure the future of competition aerobatics by encouraging young pilots at the start of their aerobatic careers to get involved at an accessible rate, made possible by generous subsidisation. We hope that some of you may one day join our national teams and we could even find a future champion or two, not to mention long-term members for our Association.

The event will give LAPL/PPL holders an insight into the sport and the chance to try it for themselves, in a two-day event that will be held at Popham Airfield on 11/12th May 2024 and cost £200. No previous aerobatic experience is required!

So, what will actually happen at this event?

The Flying

Inarguably the most exciting part of the event: participants will undertake two flights with an experienced instructor; one c. 40 minute training flight away from the airfield, where you will learn a Club-level sequence, and a c. 20 minute second flight that will take you straight into the box to fly the sequence a couple of times (you will have the chance to do a practice in the box first, before the sequence that 'counts'!). Our judges will provide critique for the sequences flown in the box.

Briefings & Presentations

First of all, a detailed briefing will be given on the structure of the event, how competitions work, and the sequence you will be flying. Throughout the event, additional presentations will be given by British Aerobatics members - including previous Get Into Aeros participants - on how to get involved in the sport, and some of the opportunities available to you. It is also a great opportunity to chat to them and find out more about aerobatics in general.

Practice Flights

You will have the chance to watch British Aerobatics pilots - from Club to Unlimited level - practice competition sequences in the box, along with commentary explaining what the judges are looking for in their flying. This will give you an idea of the increasing complexity of the different levels, but also show that it’s not all the very complicated stuff you may have seen by our top pilots. 

Camping & Food

Free camping will be available on the airfield, should you wish to do so. The airfield café will be serving food throughout the event and there will be a BBQ on the Saturday evening (weather-permitting!), although this is not included in the price. 

Nearby Accommodation

Please check out nearby accommodation on the Popham Airfield website.

A Quick History 

The inaugural event was held in May 2016 and, following on from its success has been held every year since (except 2020 for understandable reasons). The report from the most recent event can be found here

Participants from previous events have not only continued their aerobatic training with confidence, but have gone on to compete, work their way up through the different levels of competition and even take home a few medals!

Hope to see you there in 2024!