Tom Cassells awarded prestigious RAeC DIPLOMA

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Big congratulations to Tom Cassells who has been awarded the Royal Aero Club Diploma for services to aerobatics.

The Royal Aero Club Diploma was established in 1984 and is awarded to those who have served the Royal Aero Club, Sporting Aviation or Aviation in general by their meritorious endeavours. It is considered to rank between a Royal Aero Club Gold and Silver Medal.  It is not awarded every year, only when it is merited.

Tom is a passionate advocate for aerobatics.  He is a Display Authorisation Examiner as well as an Unlimited Level Flight Evaluator.  He is the GBR team coach and principal instructor for Skyboard Aerobatics, one of British Aerobatics' Preferred Training Partners.  

We are lucky to have him as our chairman.  

Well done Tom!