Getting some help when you're starting out

Getting started in competition aerobatics can be a daunting affair, we know. We also know that this task is easily simplified by being able to talk to someone who knows the ropes, as in "been there, done that". There's quite a lot to get together for your first show in the aerobatic competition box, most of it second nature to a 'Buddy' who will be genuinely pleased to answer your questions, dish out practical advice and help with the administrative bits and pieces, so that you can concentrate on the fun bit - flying the aeroplane.

The people listed below are active or past competition pilots willing and able to help you get going in those early BAeA events. Pick any one, preferably suitable in relation to where you fly from, and start from there. Just one telephone call or email will put you in touch with a wealth of information, and help to ensure that the path to that all-important first competition is clear and easy to understand.

Name Telephone Location
Corinne Dennis 07850 429773 Skipwith, Yorks
Al Coutts 07808 176623 Harleston, Norfolk
Aidan Grimley 07899 808045 / 01625 586366 Alderley Edge, Cheshire
John Vize 01327 263358 Hellidon, Northants
Mark Davies 07796 355330 / 01636 525318 Melton Mowbray, Leics
Kester Scrope 01920 438311 Ware, Hertfordshire
Alan Wood 07715 622581 York, Yorkshire
Paul Tomlinson 07710 797710 / 01453 884228 Kemble, Gloucestershire
Eric Marsh 01246 582311 Baslow, Derbyshire

Whether you're a power or a glider pilot you can find further information about the Aresti notation we use to write down the sequences, the Known Sequences themselves, the all-important judging criteria, our contest rules, the BAeA Pilots Proficiency Card, how get and to use the appropriate CIVA Catalogue - and all sorts of other aerobatic competition related material by looking around this extensive website.

Most of the BAeA way doing things is explained here in some detail, but if you can't see what you're looking for then either contact your local Buddy or drop an email to the Head of Contest, Judging Supervisor or the Chairman - you'll find all the email addresses on the officers page and you can see who specifically does what at competitions on the committee responsibilities page.