The BAeA scoring system

When all the judging paperwork has been collected the scores are fed into the BAeA computer scoring programme to get the score-sheets printed and the final results calculated.

This software runs all sorts of other tasks during the competition, from pilot registration to flying orders, K-factor totals checking to judging analysis, and aggregates the results of linked sequences to provide overall contest rankings.

The scorer has a pressurised day just like the judges, and ensuring that your judging sheets are clear, unambiguous and completed correctly is a vital element in the production of accurate results. The judges assistant does most of the work here, but it is the judge's responsibility to sign the paperwork off .... the buck stops there!

Calculating the Results

Many years ago calculating the results was a simple process, but countless international instances where the scoring from one or more judges has subsequently been viewed with a good deal of scepticism has led to the introduction of some fairly simple special processing software that spots and sorts out "unreasonable" marking and establishes a more balanced result. This statistical process is called "FairPlay", and it's a UK designed solution that is used at all international CIVA championships as well as BAeA and many other national competitions. Here's a full explanation of this process.