International & UK organisation

The BAeA administers aerobatic competitions in the UK, but there are other key organisations which promote and regulate aerobatics at an international level and these bodies define the rules and regulations which govern international aerobatic competitions. The BAeA has adopted most of these international rules and regulations as a basis for running domestic competitions - although there are some minor differences in the rules. Generally National Championships in the UK are run to international rules.

FAI - the Federation Aeronautique Internationale

The FAI was formed in 1905 to promote the benefits of astronautical (more recently) and aeronautical endeavour. It is based in Switzerland and its purpose is to oversee the administration of air sports at an international (worldwide) level:

FAI is the sole international body governing air sports and the supreme authority in these matters for its members , FAI Statutes

The members of the FAI are the National Aero Clubs of participant countries. The UK is represented by the Royal Aero Club, to which the British Aerobatic Association is affiliated.

  • The FAI governs by means of Statutes (fundamental rules of the FAI) and By Laws (which give guidance on the implementation of the statues).
  • The General Sporting Code describes rules and best practices which apply to all air sports.

The FAI controls air sports through various Commissions

CASI: the Air Sport General Commission

This commission oversees the general administration of air sports, and establishes and monitors the activity of more specialised commissions which control each particular type of air sports. The specialised commission which controls aerobatics is called CIVA.

CIVA: Commission Internationale de Voltige Aerienne

This is the International Aerobatics Commission. CIVA is the FAI commission which controls all matters relating to aerobatics, including gliding competitions. CIVA is primarily concerned with the higher levels of competition - the Intermediate, Unlimited and Advanced categories at European and World Championship level, and its online home is at  or in the FAI website at 

BAeA: The British Aerobatic Association

The BAeA is well represented at CIVA and has a say in creating and shaping the rules. CIVA rules form the basis of the way that aerobatic competitions are run in the UK where the Unlimited and Advanced Categories are run specifically to CIVA Rules whilst the BAeA Rule Book controls our Club, Sports and Intermediate classes.

The British delegate to CIVA is Chris Sills. Nick Buckenham is currently the commission president, Steve Todd is the BAeA's alternate delegate . CIVA enquiries should be directed to any of these people.