Please, come and get involved at a competition!

During the course of the year there are many opportunities for people at all levels of experience to get involved at aerobatic competitions, not just to judge contest flights but to help us to carry out all sorts of other vital tasks smoothly and efficiently. There are pilots and aircraft to register, judging sheets to prepare, briefings to organise, pilots to 'wake-up' in time for their sequences (you'd be surprised...), score sheets to be fetched from the judging line and passed to the computer operator / scorer, all manner of administrative problems to sort out, and the Contest Director and the Chief Judge are always looking for assistants for the Judges, the Marshaller and the Scorer.

Getting involved - even in just quite minor tasks - will give you a much better insight into what really happens at aerobatic competitions, and is far more satisfying than just sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else do the work. Preferably you should telephone or email one of us a week or so before the published contest date so that we can plan ahead with your involvement in mind. If however you are already at the contest and have some time on your hands, seek out the Contest Director or the Chief Judge and ask one of them for something to do. Your offer - we assure you - will be warmly received.

We hope that you have found this booklet on aerobatic judging informative and helpful. If you would like to find out some more about judging, aerobatic flying or perhaps joining the British Aerobatic Association then just call one of the key people listed below - we will be delighted to answer your questions.

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