BAeA Directors & Officers

To find out more about aerobatic flying, judging or perhaps joining the British Aerobatic Association then just contact one of the key people listed below. We will be delighted to answer your questions.


Committee Members

  • Paul Brice, Treasurer
  • Nick Buckenham, Power Judging
  • Eric Marsh, Trophies & Deputy Judging Co-ord.
  • Adrian Willis, Beginners Events & A/C hire
  • Gerald Cooper, CIVA Alternate Delegate
  • Ian Scott, Points Tables
  • Andy Cunningham, Glider Rep
  • David Thomson, Sequence Design
  • Julian Murfitt
  • Graeme Fudge, Public Relations
  • Alex Cartwright, Webmaster
  • Leif Culpin, Judging Coordinator