Sports & Intermediate British National Championships, 2018 results

The sedentary start on the first day is to allow enough time for arrivals from around the country ensuring we are able to attract the widest selection of competitors and with a full complement suitably registered and ready to go we started the initial briefing at 10:00 sharp. At this point any tardiness is amplified later in the schedule and very difficult to recover.

The opening briefing is always a reminder of the necessity to operate a safe but enjoyable contest for all competitors and in an unusual turn, was suffixed with a discussion on the proposal to waive the usual HC rule for pilots flying with a safety pilot. This was due to the unfortunate tech problem with GEEEK in which a significant number of the field were planning to compete. This proposal was upheld and this allowed all pilots previously entered to fly HC to score alongside all other pilots. 

The comp was finally underway at 11:30 with the first pilot at sports, Yair Yaniv running into the box in the British Aerobatic Academy Extra 200. This was the start of Adrian’s busy schedule and with every other SPO pilot flying the same EA200 the turnaround time was inevitably impacting the run rate. However, after the first few pilots this soon started to become a slick operation and before long the 200 was almost ready to go by the last wing rock of the preceding competitor, excellent work all round!

About mid-afternoon a minor incursion in the top end of the box was quickly followed up with a call to the infringing club in question. With high performance aerobatics being performed up to 4000 feet, the climb and descent rates of the typical aerobatic aircraft can surprise even the most observant of aviators. In addition, with the event being notam’d, you’d think that was enough to encourage anyone to stay away!

As we pressed on through the field the weather started to look rather suspect and just after 16:00 with only 16 flights under our belt some lively looking weather finally arrived and called a halt to the proceedings, just check the pictures taken from the clubhouse for reference, by 17:00 it was obvious we wouldn’t be flying again and I called a halt to the proceedings for the evening, time for a cold one!

The more punctual start time of 08:00 for the remaining days allows us to get cracking early, this helps as there is often better flying weather early on and we can catch up on some flights. Aside for some late arrivals for the briefing, the beer tab for which is still outstanding (you know who you are! ? ) the first foray into the box was just after 08:30 courtesy of Tony Walsh who, as ever, was eager to get going, good man! 

Friday was the most productive day of the competition with just over half of all flights taking place, this included 2 flights for most of the field at both SPO and INT but with worsening weather on the way there was little time to back off the pace. Thanks to all the competitors and safety pilots for keeping up with this unrelenting pace as it allowed us to finish as much as we could, totalling over 30 flights between small downpours.

As the pilots were pushing to get through the flights the continued efforts of the judging team led by Brian was much appreciated, so aside from a couple of comfort breaks it was almost non-stop until the final pilot landed at just a smidge after 18:00. Following the packing away of all aircraft everyone departed swiftly to make themselves pretty for the event supper at the Thyme restaurant in the Norman cross hotel. Some of us need more time than others but everyone in attendance seemed to have a great time either way, hopefully the elite athletes were successful in abstaining.

The next morning some pilots were excused from the briefing as they had flown late on the Friday and were in fact unlikely to fly again on the Saturday, so it was only sensible to allow them a lie in. Final briefing completed and Pilot numero uno in John Royce was ready for wheels up shortly after 08:30.

After what felt like a good start we were plagued by weather interruptions such that less than 10 flights were completed on the Saturday, these were the remaining SPO pilots flying unknown #2. Between various delays for weather I think the Judging team made no less and 3 trips out to the judging line, which, as it transpires was all in vain as it became less and less likely that we would have the opportunity to get the INT class through their unknown #2 and as 13:00 arrived with the weather still not playing nicely, the cut off I had previously declared as the last potential start time for the INT sequence had unfortunately arrived.

At that point all that remained was to declare the presentation time of 14:00 thus allowing the pilots to prepare for departure flights and the journey home before the weather left them all stranded.

As per the closing briefing, many thanks were shared with the airfield team for their continued hospitality and efficient service, Admin, radio, fuel and food to name but a few things. In addition, the organisation of the show certainly isn’t a one man operation and as such would struggle to function without the dedicated support of the Judging team, one woman scoring team and all of the background activities that have already been performed prior to us even arriving on site!

It only remains for me to say well done to all competitors for maintaining a very high standard of aerobatics and in maintaining our deserved reputation for safety, may it long continue!

See you all at Sherburn!


UK Intermediate National Champion 2018

Rank Pilot Aeroplane Registration Fr/Known Unkwn #1 Totals O/all %
1 Jez Burgoin Pitts S-2A N-80035 1857.44 1486.19 3343.64 80.764
2 James Page Extra 200 G-WVEN 1809.64 1199.18 3008.82 72.677
3 Richard Welch Pitts S-1S G-WIGY 1660.52 1221.36 2881.87 69.610
4 George Haye CAP 232 G-SKEW 1501.03 1312.10 2813.13 67.950
5 Sean Fisher Extra 200 G-TWOO 1431.96 1304.81 2736.77 66.106
6 David Slater Pitts S-1T G-BKPZ 1562.21 1087.18 2649.39 63.995
7 Maciej Kulaszewski Extra 200 G-WVEN 1318.58 1328.31 2646.88 63.934
8 Anthony Walsh Extra 200 G-OLUD 1673.08 928.68 2601.76 62.844
9 David Brown Extra 200 G-TWOO 1367.44 1197.08 2564.52 61.945
10 David Hall Pitts S-2A G-BTTR 1380.02 1149.14 2529.15 61.091
11 Stephen Evans Laser 230 G-CBHR 1118.99 1343.68 2462.67 59.485
12 Graeme Fudge CAP 232 G-GODV 1400.61 879.66 2280.27 55.079

Contest Director: Chris Sills, Contest Chief Judge: Brian McCartney, Scoring Director: Sam Hewitt

Judges: Brian McCartney, Peter Rounce, Martin Sandford, Rod Herve, Ian Scott,

Judges Assistants: Julie Lawley, Mike Collett, Jingjing Zhao, Guy Harwood, Caleb Whitehead, Karin Riedl, Jake Cook

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British Sports Power National Champion 2018

Rank Pilot Aeroplane Registration Known Unkwn #1 Unkwn #2 Totals O/all %
1 Martin Luton RV8 G-DAZZ 995.99 1183.37 886.49 3065.85 73.522
2 Ruth Scott Pitts S-2A G-ODDS 1057.98 915.71 1072.20 3045.89 73.043
3 Roger Ganpatsingh Pitts S-2A G-ODDS 996.69 1015.44 999.68 3011.82 72.226
4 Mark Thomas Extra 200 G-UIII 1040.08 1199.22 690.04 2929.34 70.248
5 Steven Bakhtiari Extra 200 G-TWOO 990.88 897.15 1024.69 2912.72 69.849
6 Jake Cook Extra 200 G-WVEN 864.81 951.74 960.47 2777.02 66.595
7 Yair Yaniv Extra 200 G-WVEN 854.57 1108.68 782.78 2746.03 65.852
8 Abs Grinimav Extra 200 G-WVEN 910.07 938.43 852.06 2700.56 64.762
9 John Royce Extra 200 G-WVEN 852.68 949.43 816.14 2618.24 62.788
10 Andy McKee Silence Twister G-FUNN 617.16 1007.72 846.20 2471.07 59.258
11 Vincent van Paemel Extra 200 G-WVEN 893.28 796.57 681.93 2371.77 56.877
12 Ariel Zilberstein Extra 200 G-WVEN 498.71 986.77 766.45 2251.93 54.003
13 Peter Begley Extra 200 G-WVEN 857.44 1040.25 1897.69 45.508

Contest Director: Chris Sills, Contest Chief Judge: Brian McCartney, Scoring Director: Sam Hewitt

Judges: Brian McCartney, Peter Rounce, Martin Sandford, Rod Herve, Ian Scott,

Judges Assistants: Julie Lawley, Mike Collett, Jingjing Zhao, Guy Harwood, Caleb Whitehead, Stephen Evans, Karin Riedl, Jake Cook

FairPlay SystemACRO Version 4.3 Build: 10/09/18