The British Aerobatic Association

We are the national governing body responsible to the Royal Aero Club of Great Britain for organising powered and glider aerobatic competitions within the United Kingdom.

The BAeA Ltd is a company which was incorporated in April 1974 with its liability limited by guarantee and not having a share capital. Its aims and objectives are to -

  • Promote and encourage aerobatic flying
  • Encourage communication between aerobatic pilots and other enthusiasts
  • Provide assistance and guidance in aerobatic training from the ab-initio stage onwards
  • Represent the interests and express the needs of those involved in aerobatics in
    • International competition
    • National and domestic competitions
    • Aerobatic training

You can view the Articles and Memorandum of the British Aerobatic Association.

Through this web site we aim to broaden understanding within the aviation and air-enthusiast community of competition aerobatics in particular, and aerobatic powered and glider flying in general. Our sport is immensely interesting and challenging, far more accessible and affordable than most people imagine, and - because we work hard to ensure it - has an outstanding safety record.

We positively encourage non-members to meet us at our competitions. At most host airfields entry to the public is simple and free of charge - all we and our hosts ask is that you pay particular attention to your own safety by reading and observing all notices displayed for your benefit by the host airfield management. Propellor driven aircraft are potentially extremely hazardous to bystanders during ground operations, but with care and attention your time at a BAeA competition can be entirely safe, informative and enjoyable.