The home of aerobatic flying in the UK

Our aims

  • Promote and encourage aerobatic flying as a way of developing and improving piloting skills
  • Provide assistance and guidance in sourcing aerobatic training from the ab-initio stage onwards
  • Represent the interests of those involved in aerobatic competition flying through:
    • Organising national championships and domestic competitions
    • Facilitating aerobatic coaching and training activities
    • Attending and supporting international competitions
  • Encourage communication between aerobatic pilots and the wider flying community
  • Provide comprehensive information and direction on all aerobatic subjects

Our sport is immensely interesting and challenging and far more accessible and affordable than most people imagine and - because we work hard to ensure it - has an outstanding safety record.

Our structure

We were founded in 1974 to represent the interests of all those concerned with aerobatic flying in powered aircraft and in gliders, by promoting and organising all aspects of competition aerobatics in the UK, including progressive training, proper conduct and furtherance of the sport.

The British Aerobatic Association Limited is a Company incorporated with its liability limited by guarantee and not having any share capital. We are recognised by The Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom as the governing body of sport aerobatics.  

What we do

We run regular events ranging from aerobatic training camps to our full annual competition schedule. Each year we also organise three National championship meetings, two Power and one Glider. We constantly monitor pilot skills and ensure that safety standards are maintained to the required high level at all contests.

We run one day training courses to teach the principles of aerobatic competition judging to both novice and experienced international judges and pilots at all skill levels.

We work hard to maintain good public relations for the sport and assist national bodies like the CAA and GASCO (General Aviation Safety Council) to make pilots aware of the unique requirements for safe aerobatic flying.

We try to encourage new members, pilot or not, to become involved in competition aerobatics. There are always plenty of opportunities to get involved and help in ground support activities, who knows where it might lead? Check our schedule of events and come along and introduce yourself!