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Wanted: Extra 330LX

I found my Christen Eagle II a few months ago through the British Aerobatics website so wanted to see if anyone in the UK is considering selling a Extra 330LX.

I have located two, one in Europe and one in the USA, but the transactions are complicated and I would prefer a UK based aircraft. I understand this is a long shot and specification is not important, but relatively low time preferred. 

Contact John Rowlinson:
Tel: +44 (0)7821 821821

For sale: Extra 260 G-EXTR

Extra 260 G-EXTR

TTA 1680,  TT Prop Since o/h in 2021 30hrs,   TTE 1190 but only 10 hours since extensive rebuild 2023.(not zero timed).   Hours may vary with use.  CAA Permit till 29/5/24.

The first of Extras Carbon winged Aerobatic Aircraft. Over 300 hp IO540  engine. Stunning performance. Previous winner of UK Unlimited Champs. and European Advanced Champs.

Currently wrapped in ‘Global Stars’ colours. Can be removed to beautiful yellow paintwork.

£120,000 NO VAT

Contact Gary:
Tel: +44(0)7973 961214

For sale: Extra 300 shares

Extra 300 shares

Are you looking for a share in an Extra 300 at Sywell EGBK? We have a group ready and are looking for 1-2 members to finalise the syndicate.

Indicitavley we are looking at:

25% shares available @ £50k
12.5% shares available @ £25k

Based at Sywell Airfield, to be maintained by Brooklands - experts in Extra 300 maintenance.

This friendly group will have access to experienced aerobatic pilots. We will operate weekly sorties in the Extra for aerobatic practice to fly together and further our experience. There will also be the opportunity to fly air experience sorties and aerobatic ratings (if you are FIR) to lower your cost of ownership through local flying school partnerships.

The dry membership hourly rate will be £75

Operating Costs
50% share @ £600/month
25% share @ £300/month
12.5% share @ £150/month

The Aircraft will have amazing availability and will be in the corporate hangar, with a hard apron, making it easy to fly all year round.

Contact Jacob Hinson:

For sale: 1979 Aerotek Pitts S-2A

1979 Aerotek Pitts S-2A

Year: 1979
Airframe Total Time: 1191
TTE: 1191
REG: N31475
Location: Private Airfield, Leicestershire/Rutland

A beautiful Aerotek (Factory) Built S-2A in great condition with very low hours. This aircraft benefits from:

  • Annual expires June 2023 and can be renewed prior to sale by agreement
  • Engine & Prop Overhauled in 2005
  • Excellent looks with a modern Paint Scheme
  • A great 2 seat Aerobatic trainer
  • Smoke System

Engine: Lycoming AEIO-360 (200 HP), overhauled in 2005.

Propeller: Constant Speed Hartzell Prop (HC-C2YK-4CF/FC), overhauled in 2005.

Interior Black & Red in great condition.

Exterior Black with Yellow & Red striped Decal

Annual: Annual expires June 2023 and can be renewed prior to sale by agreement. Price: £94,000

Contact Phil Walker:
Tel: +44 (0)7843 021091

For sale: Fabrication service

Fabrication service
I do aluminium fabrication and powder coating in the UK Near Sheffield. we have a 6m oven and we have a wide range of colours available, 
We can Build smoke tanks and fuel tanks to rolling metal. 

Contact Oliver Barnard:

For sale: 2011 XtremeAir XA42 £190,000.

2011 XtremeAir XA42 £190,000.

EASA Certified, Swiss registered S/N 107.

Airframe: XA42  TSN: 265 Hrs.
Engine: Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A TSN: 265 Hrs.
Propeller: MT Propeller MTV-9-B-C  TSN: 265 Hrs.

NAV: Garmin Aera 550
COM: Funke ATR 833
XPDR: Funke TRT 800H
ENGINE: Electronics International MPV 50
ELT: Kannad 406

Contact Hugues Baumgartner:
Tel: +41765390587

For sale: Large selection of Gentex factory new flying helmets

Large selection of Gentex factory new flying helmets

Large selection of Gentex factory new flying helmets.  All options and sizes available from Hgu-55/p to Alpha Eagle with standard avionics or one off Bose A20 avionics installation.  Prices start from £1450!

Contact Ryan Bates:
Tel: +44(0)7496 575295

For sale: 1991 - Pitts S2B – N61PS - Sensible Offers

1991 - Pitts S2B – N61PS - Sensible Offers

A fully restored immaculate condition Pitts S2B, s/n 5230, substantial attention to detail throughout. TTAF 2218.20hrs, Eng 30:00hrs TSOH/00:00 since Form 1 Insp March23. Prop 00:00 TSOH March23, Factory Smoke (never used), lots more options. This machine was custom restored in the UK to a high standard for a private owner 10 years ago with No expense spared. Before deciding to list the owner recently commissioned a full strip and inspection of the engine and propeller (inspect & overhaul) even though both units had less than 30 hours TT since the last O/H. Therefore, this machine has had No expense spared and is offered in immaculate certified condition ready for a new owner with fresh inspections throughout.

Contact Gerald Cooper:
Tel: +44 (0) 7710 442 816

For sale: Pitts S1S G-CEOB

Pitts S1S G-CEOB

Pitts S1S G-CEOB 1993 370hrs TTAF/E. A lovely low time Pitts. 0360 engine 180 plus hp. 8.33 Radio. Permit till 22/3/24. £49,800 firm

Contact Gary Ferriman:
Tel: +44(0)7973 961214

For sale: Cap 232

Cap 232

Probably the best Cap 232 in the world. Owned by the same family since new, flown mainly by two pilots and never rented. Serial number 09. Grand Visite carried out May 2022 and ARC valid until May 2024. New engine just fitted purchase from Lycoming.

  • TTSN: 750 Hrs
  • AEIO-540-L1B5 Engine: 20 Hrs since purchase from Lycoming
  • Propellor MTV-09-B-C/C203-20d: 55 Hrs since overhaul at MT
  • Trig TT22 Mode S Transponder
  •  Trig TY92 8.33 VHF Radio
  • Garmin G5
  • Panel mount for Ipad Mini

This aircraft has had extensive work recently:

  • New Engine
  • New Oil Coolers
  • Engine Frame stripped, NDT tested and painted
  • New Rubber Engine Mounts
  • Spares package also available on request:
    • Engine Frame
    • Undercarriage leg
    • Exhaust
    • Bespoke seat using CNC as used in Formula 1
    • Softie Wedge Parachute
    • National 425 Parachute
    • Full set of Cambrai covers

Sensible offers considered, no VAT required.

Contact Michael Pickin:
Tel: +44 (0)7921656671

For sale: Garmin GTN650

Garmin GTN650

Garmin GTN650 for sale. Comes complete with all install kits and accessories. No damages, screen scratch or dent.

Contact Michael Hawkins:
Tel: +1 4805204043

For sale: Bjorne Andreasson designed BA4b

Bjorne Andreasson designed BA4b

G-AWPZ Bjorne Andreasson designed BA4b. 

Original factory built prototype, Sweden 1966.

All metal construction single seat aerobatic bi-plane (+6 / -3), 186 MPH Vne.

Wing span 17’6” (5.36m), length 15’5” (4.8m), AUW 481kg.

Rolls Royce 0-200A.

Recent major airframe restoration and re-spray, complete engine overhaul/rebuild, new McCauley propeller, rewired, lightweight alternator.

Avionics: new TRIG TY92 transceiver and TRIG TT21transponder (Mode S)

Total airframe hours 1,050. Less than 20 engine hours since complete rebuild.

Interesting provenance, including formation flight with Red Arrows and unaccompanied trip from Goodwood to Australia.

Permit until July 2023.

Always hangared and includes fitted cover.

Price £37,000 

A/C based Goodwood.

Contact John Vening:
Tel: +44 (0)7966 989626

For sale: Christen Eagle II shares

Christen Eagle II shares

I am setting up a new Christen Eagle II syndicate at Dunkeswell. There are 5 shares available (total of 6 in the group).

  • YEAR: 1982
  • MAKE: Trent J & Eicher R
  • MODEL: Christen Eagle II
  • AIRFRAME HOURS: 1762 (+/- 5hrs)
  • ENGINE MAKE: Lycoming IO-360-A1A
  • ENGINE HOURS: 1768 / 698 STOH (+/- 5hrs)
  • PROP MAKE: Hartzell (Next OH due 2025) PROP HOURS: 238 (+/-5hrs)
  • LAST PERMIT: Valid to 28th August 2023
  • HANGARED: Yes, at Dunkeswell

This aircraft has had a new Funke ATR833 Radio (8·33 kHz spaced) and Funke TRT800H Transponder (Mode S)

This aircraft was based at Dunkeswell for around 12 years and ran as a successful syndicate. I was sold in 2019, however I have bought it and brought it back home to Dunkeswell.

Share Price £12,000
Monthly Payment £100
Hourly rate £45 dry

Please note – this is an aerobatic aircraft which requires significant tailwheel and constant speed prop experience to operate safely.

Contact Stuart Hall:
Tel: +44 (0)7925 347209

Wanted: Pitts S1

Will consider a flying example at the right price but keen to find either a part complete project or restoration project or damaged example. 

Please email with anything you may have to offer! Would possibly consider other aerobatic types or certain vintage aircraft. 

Contact Aaron Cole:

For sale: EAA Biplane

EAA Biplane

Delightful open cockpit EAA Biplane for sale. Has been the perfect entry level aircraft for me to learn aerobatics in. Basic manoeuvres permitted and spinning, no inverted systems. Only selling because I would like to progress onto something else.

Lycoming O235 engine
Fuel capacity 60l, burns ~26l/hr
8.33 radio, no transponder

Good condition and well maintained. Heel brakes 

Looking for £17,000 or nearest offer

Contact Tamara:
Tel: +44 (0)7714 743559

For sale: Gentex Hgu-55 flying helmets

Gentex Hgu-55 flying helmets

Gentex Hgu-55 flying helmets, both size Medium.  Both have brand new twin plug civi avionics and noise cancelling microphones.  Complete with tinted tinted visor and visor cover.  Price £825 each.

Contact Ryan Bates:

For sale: Gentex Alpha 900 flying helmet

Gentex Alpha 900 flying helmet

Gentex Alpha 900 flying helmet size Medium Broad.  Brand new visors, brand new civilian twin plug avionics and noise cancelling microphone.   Finished in a stunning candy purple!  Price £1300.

Contact Ryan Bates:

For sale: Aerobatic Training and Tuition

Aerobatic Training and Tuition

The British Aerobatic Academy is the busiest aerobatic school in the world, is both EASA and UK CAA certified ATO offering full spectrum of training from PPL, night ratings, instructor ratings, IMC training, MEP(L), UPRT training for airline and GA pilots,  advanced spin training and aerobatic rating. We are also one of the few schools in the UK authorised to qualify aerobatic instructors. We do a lot of aerobatic training and our students attend almost all the domestic competitions in our aircraft often comprising a large part of the entrants. Our students frequently win these competitions. We also do formation training and formation aerobatics. In the coming year we intend to attend all the domestic competitions as well as the Intermediate and Advanced International competitions. We run regular coaching and ground critique training camps for our students and our instructors.

We have 16 Aircraft but we use the following for competition aerobatics: 

GenPro - Unlimited single seater with innovative design based on the latest materials and technology, amazing aerobatic performance made in Hungary by Genevation Aircraft developed from Couvous Racer. 

Extra 300L - 300HP two seater Extra Aircraft, capable of +/-10G, aircraft which can take you up to Unlimited level of aerobatics and explore the farthest corners of flight envelope. 

Extra 330LX - 315HP two seater Extra with +/-10G, most sophisticated two seater, design specifically for teaching and training competition aerobatics. Effectively it is a two seater version of famous, World Championships dominating Extra 330SC.

Extra 200 - 200HP two seater Extra Aircraft, capable of +/-10G, perfect for Basic up to Intermediate level of aerobatics trainer. Best aerobatic training aircraft in the world.

Grob 115D2 Heron - One of only six recorded Herons in existence. Side by side sitting arrangement fully aerobatic aircraft capable of flying aerobatics up to Sports level.

More details can be found on our website We are located at Fowlmere, Royston SG8 7SH, Cambrisdgeshire

Contact Adrian Willis:
Tel: +44 (0)1763 208 281

Wanted: Softie Wedge Parachute

Requiring a Softie Wedge chute to suit Pitts Style seating position.

Contact Stjohn Youngman:

For sale: 1/3 share Christen Eagle II (Prestwick)

1/3 share Christen Eagle II (Prestwick)

1/3 share for sale in a 1995 Christen Eagle II based in Prestwick, Scotland. It's got 1000h total time, superb condition (9/10 airplane), hangared all her life. Annual done two months ago.

My two co-owners are extremely nice and easy-going individuals with a real bug for flying. They take safety very seriously and are not interested in cutting any corners.

The Christen Eagle II is a superb little 2-seat bi-plane that will do most advanced aerobatic maneuvers but is also super comfy to cruise around in and has enough storage space to go cross-country if you want. It's basically a more modern, more comfortable version of a Pitts with much much better visibility and enough storage space to go to places.

Unfortunately due to recent life changes I have to move away and simply won't be able to fly it again. My share price of £26,000 includes insurance on the aircraft. It costs about £100/h wet to operate.

If you would like to ask more questions or see plenty of photos of the aircraft feel free to text me or call me

Contact Tim:
Tel: +44 (0)7513052460

For sale: Acrosport 2

Acrosport 2

Acrosport 2, 120 hours, meticulously UK built under LAA auspices – completed 2010, Lycoming IO 360 A1A, Prince “P” tip propeller (a spare identical prop is included in sale), Raven inverted oil system, Airflow Performance fuel injection system, balanced exhausts, new permit (July 2021), all paperwork from beginning of build to date. Experts say it is the most capable aircraft of its type in the UK. Sale due to medical issue, £40000.

Contact Paul:
Tel: +44 (0)7891463720

For sale: Laser 230

Laser 230

A rare opportunity to get access to one of the best Permit aerobatic aircraft in the UK.

Available as either a 5/6 person syndicate or purchase outright.

It was built specifically to be easy to fly, yet have the performance to complete at Advanced level. It was imported to the UK to compete at the European championships and has had all mods and AD’s adhered to. No stone left unturned for maximum engine power.

  • High-performance, Lycoming IO-360 engine (~230HP)
  • Variable-pitch, two blade MT Propellor
  • High-compression pistons, 4-into-1 Exhaust
  • Cold-sump induction, light weight starter, light-weight alternator
  • Header tank, standard Christen Inverted Oil system, spin-on oil filter
  • Hooker Harness, parachute included.
  • Cheap to fly, operates as a LAA Permit to fly aircraft
  • 3000’ per minute climb,  >360º/second roll rate
  • FUNKE ATR833 8.33Khz Radio and Trig TT21 Mode-S Transponder
  • Good condition, well maintained, no VAT
  • Sprung undercarriage, easy to land.
  • Permit May 2022

G- CBHR was built in Australia to the approved design of David Pilkington and as such is considered by some to be one of the best examples of a Laser 200 series aircraft on the UK register.

Price £56,000 ono outright purchase, or a group based at Andrewsfield (EGSL-east of Stansted), but could be moved subject to agreement.

Currently looking for members for a syndicate, or a UK outright purchaser.

Contact Steve Evans:
Tel: +44 (0)7884 236873

For sale: National 425 Parachute

National 425 Parachute

Brand new unused National 425 parachute which cane with an aircraft purchase.  Never used and always kept inside a smoke free home (inside a wardrobe)

Will get it repacked and log book signed at buyers request.

RRP £2,800

This is for sale for £1700

Save money and a huge wait! 

Contact Ryan:
Tel: +44 (0)7496 575295

For sale: Alpha Mk10 Flying Helmet

Alpha Mk10 Flying Helmet
- Alpha Mk10 Flying Helmet
- Size Medium-Broad (fits head circumference of between 577-605mm)
- Twin visor system, clear and tinted
- Kevlar reinforced Carbon Fiber so very lightweight and robust
- Includes a dynamic boom
- Used only a handful of times in an Extra.  Selling as i have upgraded.

Price is £1200.  Call or whatsapp 07496575295 for further information.

Contact Ryan:
Tel: +44 (0)7496 575295

For sale: British Aerobatics Flight Suits

British Aerobatics Flight Suits

The British Aerobatics Flight Suits are specially made for us by Rig Equipment from fire retardant dark blue ‘Kermel Alpha’ with the red highlights in a fire retardant ripstop Nomex. The material used is 210gms weight as this offers the best durability for a lightweight fabric.


  • Your name on the right chest
  • British Aerobatics Logo on left chest and back
  • Team logos available for team members

Total Price: £331.60

Includes Parcelforce 48hr delivery for mainland UK

To purchase, please contact RiG Equipment directly at:

Download measurement form here:

Rig Suit MEASUREMENT FORM - 2020.pdf

Contact Rig Equipment Ltd:
Tel: 0121 550 0933

For sale: Coaching and Aircraft hire

Coaching and Aircraft hire

Skyboard Aerobatics Ltd

  • Advanced spinning and recovery
  • Aerobatic rating
  • Competition training dual or ground critique Club through to Unlimited
  • Formation training
  • Display flying mentoring


Extra NG
The very latest all carbon fibre monoplane from Extra. Learn in a draft free quiet environment. Unbelievable performance and build quality enabling dual instruction at the highest level.

Slingsby Firefly T67M20
Honest “Yorkshire built” aeroplane.  Great for Club and Sport level

Cap 10C
The little Cap is wonderful to fly and perfect up to Intermediate

Instructor - Tom Cassells
Three time British Unlimited level Champion. Six times recipient of The Len Perry Trophy. Twice Team Bronze Medallist at European Unlimited Championships. Current unlimited display pilot. Current unlimited DAE

Contact Tom Cassells:
Tel: 07889434509

For sale: Emergency Parachutes

Emergency Parachutes

Either new or second hand and in excellent condition, being re-packed and re-certified by one of the UK’s leading parachuting operations.

A good selection is always available, including different types. Especially those that come down the back and under the thighs. Dimensions are 770x370x65mm. Max deployment speed 200mph, max weight 253 lbs and min deployment height 60 metres. Thin back glider types are also available

We have supplied chutes for the following aircraft in last 2 years: Vans RV 8, RV 7, RV 4,Yak 52, Cap10b, Stampe, Slingsby Firefly, Steen Skybolt, Citabria, Europa, DH Chipmunk, Piper Matisse, Acrosport 2, Jurca Tempete, Christen Eagle, as well as Silence Twister.

Pre used ones in the region of £500-£600 but any new slimback chute inc VAT is now in region of £1600. Parachute bags also available.

Contact Richard Boyton:
Tel: 01376 330220

For sale: The new Air-Pol SK-94 emergency parachute

The new Air-Pol SK-94 emergency parachute
  • Super comfortable articulated harness
  • Slimmer, flatter profile
  • EASA approved
  • ISO9001 and AQAP certified
  • UK Dealer support
  • Competitive price point

Contact Parachute Services:
Tel: 01600 861920

For sale: The World Champions' Aerobatic Manual

The World Champions' Aerobatic Manual

Treat yourself to a copy of the best book ever written on free-style flying, by the all-time acknowledged expert in his field. Xavier de Lapparent's world championship winning knowledge and experience with Sukhoi and CAP unlimited aeroplanes in four-minute freestyle events is all here in step-by-step mode, translated from the French by Diana & John Britten.

£62.00 plus postage (UK £2.50, Europe £5.00, US & rest of world £7.50)

For much less than the cost of half an hour in your aeroplane, take a leaf from the Master's book on "How to Do It".

Contact Diana Britten:
Tel: 01932 873332

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