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For sale: Alpha Eagle helmet fully refurbished

Alpha Eagle helmet fully refurbished

Alpha Eagle helmet fully refurbished in 2009 by Headset Services at Shoreham and only used for about 75 hours since and in excellent condition with no scratches on either visor. Located in central London. £550.

Contact Simon Johnson:

For sale: Pitts Model 12 share

Pitts Model 12 share

Fantastic Pitts Model 12 (2 seats), combined with the M14P 360 HP engine produces excessive power and noise, with the smoke system it is very impressive, useful for a pilot that is a bit rusty with the aeros.

  • Airframe TTSN 40 hrs, build finished 2016 
  • Vedeneyev M-14P 360 HP engine, TTSN 220 hrs 
  • MTV-9 three bladed prop, CSU, TTSO 40 hrs
  • Trig TT21 Transponder and Com TY91
  • GRT EIS 9000, GRT EFIS front & rear, Pilot Aware ADSB in/out
  • High capacity smoke system with easy fill
  • Original air start, engine gills are Sukhoi type
  • Tall gear for increased propeller ground clearance
  • Clean Kit and other features to help operate the M14P 
  • Kimball HP wings. Lots of space for the larger pilot
  • Heating, and open canopy available 
  • + 9 / - 4.5 G, Permit June 2018

£84,000 for 1/2 share (£150/month, includes hangarage and landing fees), based at Oaksey Park, 3 miles SE of Kemble. Overhead aerobatic displays allowed. Planned work is for the engine to be upgraded to a M-14PF 400 HP version once the CAA/LAA approves the modification.

Contact Iain Smith:
Tel: +44 (0)7580 069155

For sale: Pitts S-2S 1981

Pitts S-2S 1981

Pitts S-2S 1981, TT 320 hours. Factory built, Standard and Acrobatic Airworthiness Certificate.

  • Engine 0 hours since overhaul with new cylinders, camshaft and accessories
  • Propellor 0 hours since overhaul with new hub
  • Symmetrical ailerons with spades
  • Upper wing smoke tank

As a result of faulty welding for SB 25 compliance the fuselage frame has been replaced with a factory new frame, now non recurring SB 25 compliance. Due to incorrect maintenance procedures the engine mount and undercarriage legs have also been replaced. All new parts are zero hours.

Aircraft dismantled for crating and shipping. Offers invited in the region of £70,000

Contact Howard Fawkes:
Tel: +44 (0)7803128000

For sale: 1997 Extra 200 - 110,000.00 GBP

1997 Extra 200 - 110,000.00 GBP

1997 Extra 200 located in New York USA. All documentation up to date and kept in a heated hanger and well maintained.

  • 960 TTAE
  • 250 TSPO
  • Long Range fuel tanks (40 Gal wings)
  • Electric Rudder Pedals
  • Lexan Baggage Tray
  • New Hooker Harness double ratchet
  • New Tires, Hoses, Magnetos, Plugs
  • No Damage History

Contact Jeffrey Petrocelli:
Tel: +1-631-560-8168

For sale: Laser 230 shares

Laser 230 shares

Excellent aircraft for beginners through to advanced. Based Andrewsfield (25 mins north from M25) in central Essex, it is a light and powerful aeroplane to fly. As a permit aircraft, it is very cheap to run and you won’t get more bang for your buck. Major Engine overhaul and new Prop 2011. 

  • Lycoming IO360
  • 2-Blade Constant Speed Propellor
  • 230HP hi-performance engine
  • Mid-Wing comfort
  • New Funke 8.33Khz Radio
  • New Trig TT21 Transponder
  • Lightweight Starter, Alternator
  • Cold-sump induction
  • 4:1 Exhaust
  • 130Kt cruise at 18 Ltrs / hour, Vne 203Kts, very slippery! 
  • Built in Australia for their advanced nationals to Dave Pilkington design
  • Permit May 2018

£19K for 1/3 share (£200/month) or £29K for a half share (£300/month). £20/hour dry. Currently owner will be retaining a share and as a qualified Aerobatic Instructor can help with conversion and training.

Contact Steve Evans:
Tel: 07884 236873

For sale: Stunning as new 2010 Extra 330LC

Stunning as new 2010 Extra 330LC

Stunning as new 2010 Extra 330LC only 175 hours total time from brand new. 2 owners, always hangared, maintained by Brooklands engineering who look after The Blades. Fresh Annual as of 07/07/17. Brand new exhaust system fitted. Ready to go for the summer. Free conversion onto type included in the sale. Beginners to advanced aerobatics course also available. 

  • Lycoming AEIO-580
  • MT 3 Blade composite constant speed propeller
  • Garmin 296 
  • Becker Radio and Transponder
  • Factory fitted smoke system 
  • Lexan luggage rack
  • Electrically adjustable rudder pedals
  • 120 litre wing tanks
  • 67 litre centre acro tank
  • Grey Leather seats & Hooker Harnesses. 

Only ever flown gentle sportsman aeros. Never competed or used for training. A pampered toy.​ For more photos and video visit:

£210,000 +VAT

Contact Charlie Kimbell:
Tel: +44 (0)7413 014144

For sale: 1/3rd Share in CAP 231 EX based White Waltham £29,000

1/3rd Share in CAP 231 EX based White Waltham £29,000

We are two competition pilots looking to sell a third share in the aeroplane. This is a fantastic competition machine capable of  taking you all the way to Unlimited.

  • Carbon Wing
  • +10/-10g 
  • Excellent condition
  • High hours on engine (1200), but v. good condition

Well maintained

Share Price: £29,000
Monthly: £300

Contact Dave Farley:
Tel: 07793 462107

For sale: Coaching and Aircraft hire

Coaching and Aircraft hire

Skyboard Aerobatics had a splendid 2017 taking 12 podium positions in five contests. The wins include Intermediate National Championship, First, Second and Fifth places, Air Squadron Trophy, Swinstead Trophy, Extra Trophy and Fenland Trophy to name some. 2018 we are looking for Sports, Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited level pilots to join the winning team.

Skyboard Aerobatics Ltd are offering one to one coaching from former three times British Unlimited Aerobatic Champion, Tom Cassells, and hire of top quality aerobatic aircraft:

  • A beautiful Slingsby T67M200 totally rebuilt 2016 with zero timed engine and prop. Very well equipped for the ferry to the contest two Garmin 430's fitted. This is the classic machine to begin the journey. Club and Sports level
  • Extra 300-200, again totally rebuilt 2016. A great little performer and our "regular staircase to the podium". Suitable for Sports and Intermediate level. This winter getting new 8.33 and S transponder
  • Cap 232 , One of the nicest aerobatic aircraft to fly in the world. The shape in the aerobatic box presents wonderfully. Number 15, the fuselage and tail has been totally rebuilt by the factory in 2015. This winter is having a grand visit wing off full inspection and brand fire new AEIO 580 to drive the zero timed wide cord three blade MT. Also having avionics upgrade.

For Advanced and Unlimited:

Training from Three Times British Unlimited Aerobatic Champion Tom Cassells. Intense training to achieve the individuals highest level in competition both national and internationally. Skyboard is not about flying lots of pilots, its about improving the level of the pilots who fly here. I am one man and cannot train more than 10 pilots per year. If you really want to do this sport and do it well get in touch.

Contact Tom Cassells:

For sale: Emergency Parachutes

Emergency Parachutes

Either new or second hand and in excellent condition, being re-packed and re-certified by one of the UK’s leading parachuting operations.

A good selection is always available, including different types. Especially those that come down the back and under the thighs. Dimensions are 770x370x65mm. Max deployment speed 200mph, max weight 253 lbs and min deployment height 60 metres. Thin back glider types are also available

We have supplied chutes for the following aircraft in last 2 years: Vans RV 8, RV 7, RV 4,Yak 52, Cap10b, Stampe, Slingsby Firefly, Steen Skybolt, Citabria, Europa, DH Chipmunk, Piper Matisse, Acrosport 2, Jurca Tempete, Christen Eagle, as well as Silence Twister.

Pre used ones in the region of £500-£600 but any new slimback chute inc VAT is now in region of £1600. Parachute bags also available.

Contact Richard Boyton:
Tel: 01376 330220

For sale: The new Air-Pol SK-94 emergency parachute

The new Air-Pol SK-94 emergency parachute
  • Super comfortable articulated harness
  • Slimmer, flatter profile
  • EASA approved
  • ISO9001 and AQAP certified
  • UK Dealer support
  • Competitive price point

Contact Parachute Services:
Tel: 01600 861920

For sale: SOFTIES Parachutes

SOFTIES Parachutes

Parachutes for ALL purposes

"The Wedge" is specifically designed to provide good lumbar and sacral supportduring high positive-G maneouvres. Weight approx: 17 pounds

Contact Rob Howarth:
Tel: 07739 555203

For sale: The World Champions' Aerobatic Manual

The World Champions' Aerobatic Manual

Treat yourself to a copy of the best book ever written on free-style flying, by the all-time acknowledged expert in his field. Xavier de Lapparent's world championship winning knowledge and experience with Sukhoi and CAP unlimited aeroplanes in four-minute freestyle events is all here in step-by-step mode, translated from the French by Diana & John Britten.

£62.00 plus postage (UK £2.50, Europe £5.00, US & rest of world £7.50)

For much less than the cost of half an hour in your aeroplane, take a leaf from the Master's book on "How to Do It".

Contact Diana Britten:
Tel: 01932 873332

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