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For sale: S'bach XA-42, €189,000

  • Built in 2009
  • Certified for +/- 10G
  • German registration
  • !! Brand new Brand new Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A !!
  • Prop: MTV-9-B-C/C203-20d
  • Fuel: 74L Acrotank 2 x 105L Wingtanks
  • Mode S Transponder: Funkwerk TRT 800H
  • ELT Transmitter
  • Engine monitoring system Dynon EMS D-10
  • Cleveland Heavy Duty brakes
  • Unique modified engine-mount, so no crack problem
  • Smoke System: 30L Tank with electric Fill System
  • Much more....

€189,000 excluding 19% EU VAT

Contact Jan Meewes:

For sale: 1/5 share in Pitts S-2A £12,000

Pitts S-2A hangared at White Waltham

  • Certificated to +6g/-3g
  • Friendly group with online booking system
  • Manufactured by Aerotek in 1979, serial number 2208 
  • Currently maintained by Swiftair at Leicester 
  • Metal side panels added on recent maintenance check
  • Hartzell Constant System propeller.
  • Hooker harness front and back
  • Bendix fuel injection system, Christen inverted oil system

Contact Stu:
Tel: +44 (0)7967 149122

For sale: Stampe SV4C - £49,950

Stampe sv4c, 1946 with only 3900 hours tt and 720 hours on Renault engine which has just had a top end overhaul. in truly excellent condition all round, recent fabric and paint, delightful aeroplane to fly and fully aerobatic, fitted with radio and transponder. hangared at Netherthorpe (EGNF) £49,950 possible p/x considered 

Contact Clive Butler 07977 012353 or Gary Ferriman 07973 961214

For sale: Pitts S-2C, €145,000

  • Year of contruction: 2000
  • Serial Number 6034
  • Total Time Airframe: 425h
  • Engine: AEIO-540-D4-A5: 425h, compression leak test: 74-73-75-74-75-76
  • Prop MTV-9BC/C203-46: 115h
  • Transponder BendixKing KT76C
  • VHF communications  BendixKing KY97A
  • 6 into 1 exhaust system
  • Factory smoke system
  • Aux tank

No damage history and All AD’s are done. Next annuel inspection februray 2016 and is based in Belgium, €145,000 (£101,000) - private sale, European VAT and import taxes are paid

Contact Stijn De Jaeghere
Tel: +32 4973 51822

For sale: Strong seat pack emergency parachute

Strong seat pack emergency parachute. Previously used in Yak, in perfect order repacked and ready for use (or hopefully not).

Checked and repacked by myself BPA Advanced Instructor/Examiner Rigger APP#91 £350 ovno.

This system has been dismantled cleaned reassembled inspected and packed. Can been seen at Langar Airfield, Langar, Notts NG13 9HY.

Contact Dave Morris
Tel: +44 (0)7774 986600

For sale: Glos Airtourer, £25,000 - G-AXIX

The Glos Airtourer. A good all round two seat sport aircraft flown to 2nd place in the air squadron free style.

  • +6/-3g
  • 150 HP
  • Fixed pitch propeller
  • 140 MPH cruse
  • Total time 2230 airframe and engine
  • 314 hrs since new camshaft, bearings, crankshaft plated, oil pump, filter mod, re bore, new pistons and prop referb
  • ARC due 15/10/15


Contact John

For sale: CAP 232 G-IIPZ, £115,000

Still the finest unlimited aeroplane you can fly!​

  • NEW ENGINE. Airframe serial No-12. Total Airframe hrs 1,270 (March 2014)
  • Lycoming AEIO-540 L1B5D just fitted.
  • 4 Blade MTV-14-B-C, 34hrs since o/haul 21 April 2011

A fine example of the CAP 232. Shares would be considered. Currently based at White Waltham in the UK. 

New annual January 2016.

Grand Visit valid to January 2020

For sale at £115,000. Contact Julian Murfitt:
Tel: +44 (0)7712 657383

For sale: Xtreme Sbach 342 €285,000

  • Built in 2011
  • 210 engine & prop hours German registered
  • Engine: Lycoming AEIO 580 L1B5, 315HP
  • Prop: MTV-9-B-C/C203-20d
  • Fuel: 74L Acrotank 2 x 105L Wingtanks
  • Transponder: Filser TRT 800 H
  • Brakes: Cleveland
  • Smoke System: 30L Tank with electric Fill System
Tel: +353 87 2260418

For sale: Zlin Z326 £52,500

Zlin Z326 1966. Airframe TTSN 580h (60h SMOH completed 2009 ). Engine, Walter Minor 6-111, 547h SMOH. Crankshaft corrosion checks and top overhaul just completed. Hoffmann propeller, King 197 Com. Garmin GTX328 Mode S transponder, Flightcom intercom, EASA C of A. New ARC and annual. Fully Aerobatic (+6 -3), Immaculate condition.

Tel: +44 (0)1491 638442 / +44 (0)778 651942

For sale: CAP 10B, G-BXRA £59k

The best aerobatic touring aeroplane around

5hrs range at 125kts with reserve, +5/-3.5 takes it to Intermediate level. Zero timed engine, fresh annual Oct13. Internal wing spar inspection. Very good condition.

Further details from John Scott:
Tel: +44 (0)7801 268960

For sale: Emergency Parachutes

Either new or second hand and in excellent condition, being re-packed and re-certified by one of the UK’s leading parachuting operations.

A good selection is always available, including different types. Especially those that come down the back and under the thighs. Dimensions are 770x370x65mm. Max deployment speed 200mph, max weight 253 lbs and min deployment height 60 metres. Thin back glider types are also available

We have supplied chutes for the following aircraft in last 2 years: Vans RV 8, RV 7, RV 4,Yak 52, Cap10b, Stampe, Slingsby Firefly, Steen Skybolt, Citabria, Europa, DH Chipmunk, Piper Matisse, Acrosport 2, Jurca Tempete, Christen Eagle, as well as Silence Twister.

Pre used ones in the region of £500-£600 but any new slimback chute inc VAT is now in region of £1600. Parachute bags also available.

Contact Richard Boyton:
Tel: +44 (0)1376 330220

For sale: Pitts S2A Shares available at £7,500

Based at Panshanger, a well run, well maintaned and extremely well funded (c £22,000 kitty) iconic aircraft offers the aspiring aerobatic pilot cheap flying with lots of availability. Running costs £150 per month and £100 per hour wet.

Contact Phil Massetti:
Tel: +44 (0)7977 586205

For sale: Christen Eagle II, £75,000

Built to an exceptionally high standard in 1998 and installed from new with a factory new 200hp Lycoming AEIO-360-A1D this aircraft includes all the correct modifications at build stage (latest Aviat fuselage with the proper gear strengthening, solid compression ribs for drag wires, “B” type propeller hub).

Lightly built with over 500lb payload, excellent balance and with a TTAE of 397 hours this aircraft is still in immaculate condition - original and unspoiled with build log and build photographs.

The Christen Eagle is the perfect all round aircraft for the UK being one of the very few that is aerobatic (with inverted systems), has two seats with ample room, ample useful load and can be operated on an LAA permit to fly.

Permit till August 2012, fitted with ratchet double harness, JP Instruments Fuel Scan 450, Garmin GTX 327 and GNC250XL. 2 softie parachutes and smoke system available separately.


For sale: The new Air-Pol SK-94 emergency parachute

  • Super comfortable articulated harness
  • Slimmer, flatter profile
  • EASA approved
  • ISO9001 and AQAP certified
  • UK Dealer support
  • Competitive price point

T.P.F Parachute services:

Tel: +44 (0)1600 861920 or +44(0)7785 352306

For sale: SOFTIES Parachutes

Parachutes for ALL purposes

"The Wedge" is specifically designed to provide good lumbar and sacral supportduring high positive-G maneouvres. Weight approx: 17 pounds

Contact Rob Howarth:

Tel: +44 (0)7739 555203

For sale: The World Champions' Aerobatic Manual

Treat yourself to a copy of the best book ever written on free-style flying, by the all-time acknowledged expert in his field. Xavier de Lapparent's world championship winning knowledge and experience with Sukhoi and CAP unlimited aeroplanes in four-minute freestyle events is all here in step-by-step mode, translated from the French by Diana & John Britten.

£62.00 plus postage (UK £2.50, Europe £5.00, US & rest of world £7.50)

For much less than the cost of half an hour in your aeroplane, take a leaf from the Master's book on "How to Do It". In the first instance please contact Diana Britten at:
Tel: +44 (0)1932 873332

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