The Training directory aims to provide a list of organisations providing Aerobatic Flight Training specifically to competition standards. It is not intended as a general flight training directory, although where indicated, an organisation may be also offer all the training required to gain your PPL, before entering your first contest.

  • Name of organisation: Altered Attitude Aerobatics
    Location/airfield: Gloucester Airport
    Contact: Paul Stanley, Roger Chamberlain
    Telephone: Mobile-Paul: 07990 586469, Mobile-Roger: 07734 966937
    Instructors: Paul Stanley
    Instruction offered: Trial lessons come in three popular lengths, a 20 minute taster, or a more intense 30 minute session in which the student will get to fly an aerobatic manoeuvre and 40 minutes of learning the basics of controlling the aeroplane followed by a short aerobatic experience
    Aircraft: Pitts S-2A

  • Name of organisation: Booker Gliding Club
    Location/airfield: Wycombe Air Park. Marlow, Bucks. SL7 3DP
    Telephone: 01494 442501 / 529263
    Types of instruction offered: BGA/BAeA Badges, training for Beginners to Advanced levels (Ab-initio, Basic AOPA, or / and competition training to BEG / STD / INT / ADV / UNL)
    Aircraft available: 3 x K13s. 2 x ASK21s, 1 x Lunak
    Instructors: Graham Saw, Richard Crokett
    Comments: Graham has been instructing and competition flying since the 1970's (power & gliders). Booker run basic aerobatic courses each winter and coach individuals for glider competitions during the summer

British Aerobatic Academy

Name of organisation: British Aerobatic Academy Ltd
Location/airfield: Conington Airport, Peterborough
Contact: Adrian Willis
Telephone: 07712 864413
Class / Aircraft: Power, Extra 200
Instructors: Adrian Willis
Aircraft Available for Competition Hire: Yes
Instructors are Active Competitors: Yes
BAeA Evaluator: Available, On-Site
"Get into Aeros" Support: Yes
Trial Lessons , Gift Vouchers: Available

  • Name of organization: Cotswold Flying School Ltd
    Location/airfield: Draycott Farm
    Contact: Stuart Adey, Chris Puddy
    Telephone: 01285 610 610 / 07799 608 367
    Types of instruction offered: Aerobatic training for Basic AOPA Aerobatics. Aerobatic experience flight
    Aircraft: Pitts S-2A and Cessna 150 Aerobat
    Comments: Cotswold Flying School is an ab-intio PPL and LAPL ATO and AOPA Corporate member. Our instructors have tens of thousands of hours military jet and airlines, and are aerobatic competition winners highly experienced.
    Instructors. Flights can be short 30 min tasters or full 8 hour AOPA Basic Aerobatic Course.

  • Name of organization: Freestyle Aviation
    Location/airfield: White Waltham, Berkshire
    Telephone: 01628 637732
    Fax: 01628 777083
    Types of instruction offered: Aerobatic contest preparation, Beginners to Unlimited, dual and ground critique
    Types and number of Aircraft available: Pitts S2A, Qty 1. Beginners to Intermediate. Extra-300, Qty 1. Advanced and Unlimited
    Comments: For training arrangements, prices etc, see the website

  • Name of organization: Gloucester/Cheltenham Flying Club (MAX GARDNER)
    Location/airfield: Gloucester (Staverton) Airport
    Telephone: 01452 857153 Day, 01453 834673 (eve) also 01752 561392
    Types of instruction offered: Ab-Initio, Basic AOPA, Competition preparation to Beginners & Standard
    Types and number of Aircraft available: Cessna C152 Qty 1,. Beginners to Standard. Robin 2160 Qty 1 Beginners to Standard.
    Comments: Max Gardner has instructed since 1990 and been a Standard Level competitor since 1993. He has won the Cessna trophy 2 years running, and has over 400 hours Aerobatic Training

  • Name of organization: Lasham Gliding Society
    Location/airfield: Lasham Airfield
    Telephone: 01256 384900
    Fax:  01256 384901
    Types of instruction offered: BGA/BAeA Aerobatics Badge, Glider Aerobatic contest preparation, Sports to Advanced
    Types and number of aircraft available: Glider types: K21, DG1000.

  • Name of organization: On-Track Aviation Limited
    Location/airfield: Wellesbourne Mountford Aerodrome, Warwickshire
    Contact: Alan Newton
    Telephone : 01789 842777
    Fax : 01789 842755
    Types of instruction offered: AOPA (UK) Aerobatic Courses (Basic and Standard), Aerobatic Rating and Aerobatic Instructor Certificate
    Aircraft available: Robin 2160, T67 Firefly
    Comments: A specialised Instructor and Examiner training school offering AOPA Aerobatics Courses, Aerobatic Rating and Aerobatic Instructor training using ex-military instructors with many years of teaching aerobatics and display flying behind them. Our courses are accompanied by a training manual. The text and diagrams within clearly explain each manoeuvre and provide guidance to both the student and instructor alike. Since our formation in 1997 we have developed into a well respected UK CAA / EASA Approved Training Organisation (GBR.0179) and have a reputation amongst students for first class training with above average first time pass rates. For prices and course details see our website

  • Name of organization: Skyboard Aerobatic
    Location/airfield: Black Eagle Cottage, Harome, York, YO62 5JF
    Telephone: 07889 434509
    Types of instruction offered: AOPA & Competition Aerobatics from Beginners to Unlimited
    Type of Aircraft available: Slingsby T67M200 (Club & Sports), Extra 300/200 (Intermediate & Advanced), Cap 232 (Unlimited)
    Comments: Coaching and aircraft hire for competition aerobatic from Club through to Unlimited. Coaching by Tom Caasells, three times British Unlimited Champion.

  • Name of organization: Skyhawk Aerobatic
    Contact: John Taylor
    Location / airfield: Surrey/Home counties
    Telephone: 01883 723091 / 0411 747307 / 07711 747307
    Fax: 01883 723091
    Types of instruction offered: Competition/Formation Aerobatics coaching and Display flying
    Type of Aircraft available: Extra 300/L, your aircraft, or hired as required
    Comments: Dual coaching plus critiqued solo from a professional Display pilot

  • Name of organization: Ultimate High Academy
    Location / airfield:  Goodwood, West Sussex
    Telephone: 01243 913916
    Types of instruction offered: Ab-initio, Basic, Standard & Intermediate AOPA. Competition training and coaching to Advanced level. Formation aerobatics. Upset Recovery Training
    Type of Aircraft available: 1 x Extra 300L, 3 x T67M260 Slingsby Firefly

Ultimate Aerobatics

Name of organisation: Ultimate Aerobatics
Location/airfield: White Waltham
Contact: Emily & Mike Collett
Telephone: Web Site
Aircraft: Extra 230, CAP232, Pitts s2A
Instructors: Emily & Mike Collett, Alan Cassidy, Simon Abbott, Julian Murfitt
Aircraft Available for Competition Hire: Yes
Instructors are Active Competitors: Yes
BAeA Evaluator: Available, On-Site
"Get into Aeros" Support: Yes
Trial Lessons , Gift Vouchers: Available
Comments: Aerobatic contest preparation, Beginners to Unlimited, dual lessons and ground critique. 

  • Name of organization: Gridline Engineering 
    Location/airfield: Chichester Goodwood Airfield, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 0PH
    Telephone: 01234 781652 / 07801068013
    Types of instruction offered: Registered Training Facility for ab-initio and advanced flight training, AOPA Aerobatic Course
    Types and number of aircraft available: Robin 2160, C-150, PA-28, C-172
    Comments: Richard Wheeler is a flight examiner with 2000 hours of instructional experience in single engine land type aeroplanes aiming to introduce pilots to the pleasure of aerobatics

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