Mailing list

The BAeA has an excellent e-mail exploder/mailing list to provide a forum for the publication and exchange of aerobatic information. This uses the title UKaerobatics and is hosted via Yahoo! Groups, and furnishes similar facilities for all manner of sporting and other groups around the world.

Ours is a closed group, meaning that is it is only open to members of the British Aerobatic Association or other aerobatic folk known to us. The process is very simple, and requires only that you have an email address or Yahoo ID. Follow the "Subscribing" steps below and you should get a response (by email) from Steve Todd - he's the mailing list moderator.


  1. Send a blank email to
  2. Reply to the confirmation email to activate your subscription

If your name is not on the current BAeA membership list then we suggest that you initially visit the membership here and become at least an Associate Member. This of course provides a range of other benefits - not least the annual BAeA Contest Information Booklet and the bi-monthly Aerobatic News Review.

To send a message to the exploder/mailing list, simply send an email to, just like you would any other email address.


You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time by following these steps:

  1. Send a blank email from your subscribed email address to
  2. Respond to the confirmation email in order to unsubscribe.


When you have subscribed to our mailing list you are automatically sent a copy of every email submitted (from the time you join) by other members of the closed BAeA group. In this way we all receive a copy of all the correspondence, and by simply replying to such an email, or submitting one yourself, your own material is circulated to everyone else. In this way discussions, arguments, queries, requests for technical or flying technique help, anecdotes... all are distributed amongst the membership and anyone can dip-in and state their piece.

For those of you not "in the know" there's a similar IAC (International Aerobatic Club - the somewhat larger USA version of the BAeA) exploder that is equally easy to join, although this one is open to anyone who wishes to become a subscriber. Their web URL is at and as usual the instructions on how to join are all there. Regular users of this much larger exploder group have often found that the considerable level of non-aerobatic small-talk and occasional personal outbursts of poor netiquette do lower the tone somewhat, but take the rough with the smooth and you may find it interesting.