The Aresti Catalogue

A 'must have' for any serious aerobatic pilot who aspires to success from Sports level upwards, this is the book that provides the complete rule-base for the Aresti aerobatic notation system together with the complete and up-to-date set of manoeuvres that can be used either in isolation or where necessary in combination to construct known, unknown and free sequences for contest flights at every level.

There are separate volumes for power and glider pilots, the glider set of manoeuvres being similar but often different in detail and K-factor - and of course many power catalogue manoeuvres have significant power requirements that make them unachievable by gliders and hence are not in their catalogue. Originally each volume was updated and re-issued annually by FAI, but now they are available only from the Aresti System website whilst the FAI publishes just an update of the changes that are promulgated each year.

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