The BAeA, FAI and CIVA

FAI - the Federation Aeronautique Internationale - is the world authority responsible for all air sports events conducted to international regulations, especially World and Continental Championships. FAI works through a number of commissions that are individually responsible for each sporting sector, and for aerobatics the responsible authority is CIVA.

CIVA - the Commission Internationale de Voltige Arienne - is the international body responsible to FAI for the regulation and management of World and Continental Aerobatic Championships in Advanced and Unlimited classifications, generally run on alternate years. It is also responsible for Special Events of an aerobatic / display nature recognised by FAI, which are usually run to non-classical rules.

BAeA - the British Aerobatic Association - is the national airsports control (NAC) responsible to CIVA/FAI through the auspices of the Royal Aero Club of Great Britain for organising and regulating aerobatic competitions in the UK in accordance with the international standards defined by FAI and CIVA.

For UK domestic events the BAeA has developed a sub-set of the international standards to run classes below Advanced, i.e. Club, Sports and Intermediate. These lower classes are generally similar to the classes and standards set by other nations throughout the world.

BAeA involvement with CIVA

The BAeA has been well represented at CIVA since the very beginning - Nick Buckenham is the current President, James Black is a past CIVA President and is now a President of Honour, and many other BAeA members have served in key posts within the CIVA organisation. Each member nation nominates a Delegate and an Alternate Delegate to the commission, and there are a number of Committee's that are responsible to the bureau of CIVA the management and development of regulations and operating procedures for all aspects of World and Continental Championships.

BAeA members who wish to enquire about CIVA matters or would like to influence the way that the UK works to promote British preferences internationally should in the first instance contact the current BAeA Delegate or Alternate to discuss their views.

The BAeA members who have roles at CIVA are:

UK Delegate:

  • Nick Buckenham, Nick Buckenham, currently serving as CIVA President

UK Alternate Delegate:

  • Phil Massetti (has the UK's voting rights while Nick is President)


  • Alan Cassidy, Alan Cassidy, Technical Specialist

CIVA works to a fixed programme of submission dates for proposals of changes and developments, thus BAeA members should be aware of the need for timely internal discussions and agreements to meet this schedule:

  • Normal Proposals: Considered by the Committees and their findings made to plenary
  • Safety Proposals: Proposals that relate to safety are considered directly by the next plenary
  • Expedited Proposals: Minor changes that may be submitted for review at the next plenary
  • President's Proposals: Other possibilities thought to require discussion

The plenary meeting of CIVA is normally held in November each year, and the deadline for the submission of Normal Proposals is usually in June. These proposals would include submissions for selection as the Known figures for Free Known sequences for all classes during the next year, together with any changes or additions to CIVA Section-6 Regulations that may be thought necessary.

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