Get into Aeros (glider) event

This event is designed to be a complete introduction to competition aerobatics for pilots aged 26 and under - for an all in price of just £129!

The format will involve two flights in a two seat aerobatic training glider, the ASK21, with a fully qualified BGA Advanced Aerobatic Instructor. In addition to these two flights, there will be a series of briefings and presentations from experienced aerobatic pilots on how to access the sport, what's involved in competition flying and most importantly how to approach the two instructional flights. We will endeavour to video the flights using a fixed onboard camera for later de-briefing and analysis.

On Saturday evening we are planning a demonstration competition flight, which will show how a flight is assessed or judged from the ground and how that assessment is then processed to give a score. This will be followed by a BBQ adjacent to the club bar. Camping on the airfield is available and free of charge for participants.

If you are 26 or under, a member of a BGA club and have the enthusiasm and the ambition to perhaps one day be considered for a place on the National Team, do please enter. You will be most welcome and we expect you will have a rewarding and fulfilling time. And remember pre-solo pilots will also be given consideration.

Costs: Lasham have kindly agreed to offer aerotows to 4000ft; for just £40 especially for this event. This will be payable directly to Lasham at the end of the weekend. There will be no charge for the time in the glider, or for camping. Successful applicants will be asked in advance to join the BAeA as associate members at a cost of £20. You will be asked for the remaining £29 on the day. This will go towards the cost of the BBQ and towards defraying some of the cost of setting up the event. In this way we are able to offer this package for just £129.

Entry deadline will be 17th August and successful applicants will be notified directly thereafter.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you there!