Trophy holders, 1989

Trophy name Trophy holder
British National Champions
British National Unl Power Champion Nigel Lamb
Domestic Competitions
David Perrin Trophy Nigel Lamb
Don Henry Trophy Alan Cassidy
Elywn McAully Trophy Kevin Vincent
Falling Leaf Trophy Nick Bloom
Fenland Trophy Kevin Vincent
Flying Scotsman Trophy Tony Smith / Adam Whitehead
Golding-Barrett Trophy Warwick Brady
Icicle Trophy Nick Onn
John McLean Trophy Warwick Brady
Roy Legg Trophy Adam Whitehead
Royal Air Squadron Trophy Chris Kelleher
Tiger Trophy Dennis Hammant
Seasonal Awarded for...
Cessna Trophy Dave Biddles Total points flying non-inverted aircraft
Manx Kelly Trophy Chris Kelleher and Adam Whitehead Total point at Advanced contests
Marcus Norman Trophy John Cheesbrough Total points at Standard Unknown sequences
Swinstead Trophy Adam Whitehead Total points at Intermediate contests
Tiger Club Trophy Roger Poolman Total points at Standard contests
Other awards Awarded for...
Chipmunk Trophy John Dunford In recognition of ex-BAeA efforts
Judge of the Year Bill Hood Best judge by membership vote at the AGM
Manx Kelly Chris Kelleher & Adam Whitehead Adv Points Winner
Swinstead Adam Whitehead Intermediate Level points winner