Trophy holders, 2010

Trophy name Trophy holder
British National Champions
British National Unl Power Champion Gerald Cooper
British National Unl Glider Champion Mike Newman
British National Adv Power Champion Alan Cassidy
British National Adv Glider Champion Alex Haddad
British National Int Power Champion Charlie Kimbell
British National Int Glider Champion David Morgan
British National Spo Power Champion Ed Cyster
British National Spo Glider Champion Sally Cooper
Domestic Competitions
Air Squadron Trophy Phil Burgess
Baldwin Trophy David Thompson
Cavendish Hotel Trophy Nick Wakefield
Dan Smith Memorial Trophy David Morgan
Don Henry Trophy Alan Cassidy
Duxford Trophy Alan Cassidy
Elywn McAully Trophy Andy Hill
Fenland Trophy Phil Burgess
Golding-Barrett Trophy Ed Cyster
Icicle Trophy Alan Cassidy
John McLean Trophy Stuart Walton
Nigel Newbold Trophy Phil Burgess
Roy Legg Trophy Phil Burgess
Saltby Open Trophy Andrew Darley
Tiger Trophy Ed Cyster

Seasonal Points trophies

Trophy name Trophy holder
Diana Britten Trophy Emily Todd
Extra Trophy Gary Ferriman
Glider Trophy David Morgan
Golden Frog Trophy John Scott
Manx Kelly Trophy Alan Cassidy
Marcus Norman Trophy Ed Cyster
Pitts Special Trophy Alan Cassidy
Shaggy Cow Trophy John Calverley
Slingsby Trophy Steve Kirton
Swinstead Trophy Phil Burgess
Tiger Club Trophy Ed Cyster

Other trophies awarded

Trophy name Trophy holder
CD of the Year Nick Buckenham
Chipmunk Trophy Mark Cameron
Judge of the Year Brian McCartney
Len Perry Trophy Gerald Cooper