Trophy holders, 2016

Trophy name Trophy holder
British National Champions
British National Adv Glider Champion Ramon Dormans
British National Adv Power Champion Emily Collett
British National Int Glider Champion David Gethin
British National Int Power Champion Stephen Hipwell
British National Spo Glider Champion Michael Corcoran
British National Spo Power Champion Kris Liesmons
British National Unl Glider Champion NOT CONTESTED
British National Unl Power Champion Gerald Cooper
Domestic Competitions
Anthony Ayre Blade NOT COMPETED
BAeA Tiger Team Trophy Not Contested
Cavendish Hotel Trophy Alan Cassidy
Dan Smith Memorial Trophy Paul Conran
David Perrin Trophy Gerald Cooper
Don Henry Trophy Chris Brook
Duxford Trophy NOT CONTESTED
Elywn McAully Trophy Sam Kempsey
Fenland Trophy Alex Cartwright
Golding-Barrett Trophy NOT CONTESTED
Gunpowder Trophy Dave Garrison
Icicle Trophy Tom Cassells
John McLean Trophy Kris Liesmons
Masters Trophy Chris Brook
Nigel Newbold Trophy Alex Cartwright
Roy Legg Trophy Dave Farley
Royal Air Squadron Trophy Luke Goddard
Saltby Open Trophy Dietmar Poll
Tiger Trophy Not Contested
Seasonal Awarded for...
Diana Britten Trophy Emily Collett Highest female percent scored at 3 events
Extra Trophy Chris Brook Total points flying Extra aircraft
Glider Trophy Dietmar Poll Total points flying in glider contests
Golden Frog Trophy Emily Collett Total points flying French aircraft
Manx Kelly Trophy Chris Brook Total point at Advanced contests
Marcus Norman Trophy Kris Liesmons Total points at Standard Unknown sequences
Pitts Special Trophy Jan Nijhof Total points flying a Pitts Special
Shaggy Cow Trophy NOT CONTESTED Total points flying Yakovlev aircraft
Slingsby Trophy Paul Morrison Total points flying Slingsby aircraft
Swinstead Trophy Jan Nijhof Total points at Intermediate contests
Tiger Club Trophy Kris Liesmons Total points at Standard contests
Other awards Awarded for...
CD of the Year Chris Sills Best CD by membership vote at the AGM
Chipmunk Trophy Charles Baker In recognition of ex-BAeA efforts
Judge of the Year Ian Scott Best judge by membership vote at the AGM
Len Perry Trophy NOT AWARDED For International achievement
Manx Kelly Chris Brook Adv Points Winner
Pitts Jan Nijhof Most Points in Pitts Aircraft
Swinstead Jan Nijhof Intermediate Level points winner